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Range Trading.

Dec 04 2020 at 07:53
51 príspevkov
Thee is a complication in this when you are doing in currency pairs. Like the user above me said, it only works in certain pairs

Dec 07 2020 at 07:54
35 príspevkov
Range trading works very well with certain currency pairs. They are a bit complicated but if you know how to range trade, it can be good for you.

Dec 30 2020 at 09:20
28 príspevkov
It works very well with certain currency pairs and there is a lot you can make from using this strategy. You can also try others like scalping, trend trading, price action, etc.

Jan 01 at 10:12
29 príspevkov
Yes, the support/resistance levels are very important for range trading. It can even be very profitable on some of the currency pairs so good choice. All the best.

Jan 01 at 16:24
419 príspevkov
Right. Support and resistance levels are best for identifying range market.

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