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Jun 01 2018 at 08:08
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Been trading on and off for the past 10 years now (won and lost chaotically)
I've tested in Jan and Feb on a demo something different and went live in March.
1. First time when I invest so little time(30min/day on NY closing bell).
2. First time when I see positive results 3 months in a row.
3. So many sleepless nights led to this(right now I think I'm doing it only for the thrill 😉 )


Have a great end of the week everyone!

Jun 06 2018 at 06:31
28 príspevkov
LongVision posted:
Masa13 posted:

Another risky trading strategy based on grid trading and also may be without stop loss and large drawdown of 58%.Your account is not going to survive very long.

Maybe not or maybe yes, but if you often withdraw your benefits, or half, you are winner.
1000% soon

Jun 06 2018 at 08:12
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BenNathanFX posted:
Regarding Martingale - its taking the roulette red/black theory and applying it to trading... in my early days (about 10 years ago) i spent 6 months taking my first live account from $100 to $600 (admittedly risking too much at the time) using Martingale.... the problem is, once you get stuck in a range you're in a mess.... My start risk % was 1% and i would only trade one pair at a time, and yet I watched Martingale blow the entire account in 4 hours....

Martingale is like a ticking bomb - it lures you into a false sense of security... then one day when you are sitting confident you watch your account suddenly blow up....


Whatever the existing trading strategy module in the market right now, is nothing but all about how the traders himself learn and mastering the system until hes can make used the system with success, to those who claim the Martingale is a tick BOOM is only for people who do not understand and lazy and how to make it perfect for you trading style (sometimes need more complicated formulation to make it happen)

To prove it please watch my client account using an (EA) Semi Martingale auto hedging system that i take years of configuration, Even do the account is very new we can see it perform in live action account with small amount of equity survive in a tough market. Nobody lose anything here, Watch it very very carefully how it make money with DD/MM control, after watch it im welcome for the argumentation segment. Please click the follower button.

The argument is very good, but to put the claim to something without we have full knowledge about it that something unfair. U can choose and used so many trading system on the market, The issue here iis, do you master it? If not, do not blame the system. I'm here to prove it with fact.

The key to be a good trader is learn from the successor, don't look for easy way and expect to make it happen for your dreaming, Master your strategy whatever it is and learn to develop your skill accordingly. Nothing is free to achieve something truly meaning.

Long Live Traders.......!

Founded By Trader For Traders
Jun 06 2018 at 08:32
124 príspevkov

1) The account must be real - no demo's. = REAL ACCOUNT
2) The account must be verified = FULLY VERIFIED
3) DD must not be higher than 40% = 18.72% DD
4) The account must be older than 3 months = 4 MONTHS
5) No martingales! = NO MARTINGALE

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jun 07 2018 at 07:33
1607 príspevkov
Yury48 posted:
Trade with averaging and hedging.

Please, NO MARTINGALE and NO DEMO accounts here...

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Loic Hellard
Jun 07 2018 at 10:19
129 príspevkov
FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jun 10 2018 at 06:16
1607 príspevkov
challenger posted:

135.000 % return, over $285k net profit,

Unfortuntaly, Martingale... Please read Post #1...

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