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vontogr (togr)
Feb 07 2020 at 11:42
4862 príspevkov
Nasrul_Swing posted:
EURUSD trading only.

Oh common, 2 months old cent account does not belong here
See post #1

Feb 07 2020 at 16:49
16 príspevkov
TR4DEX posted:
SKDLN posted:
TR4DEX posted:
SKDLN posted:
Pips: 24549.7
Profit Factor: 8395.00
Longs Won: 99%
Shorts Won: 100%

This strategy looks great until it isn't. At some point you will have to make the decision to take the loss or blow the account. Good luck.

At which point?

The point the market decides to make a strong trend.

Why do you think that will affect only to my trading system?

No matter what. Live happy..
Feb 07 2020 at 23:38
93 príspevkov
camerongill posted:


Wish FX Choice traded XAUEUR as well as gold, I'd like to get full benefit of your signals.

test the waters, before you dive in
Dino Celadon (midasking)
Feb 09 2020 at 17:39
41 príspevkov

It is not based on a martingale, even if it could seem.

Play honestly when you have the winning cards
Andrew (247mm)
Feb 09 2020 at 20:02
9 príspevkov
midasking posted:

It is not based on a martingale, even if it could seem.

500+ open trades and only for a few pairs? What is it if not martingale?

I am on the market for 10+ years and still learning and still analyzing every trade and still working on improvements.
Feb 09 2020 at 21:24
241 príspevkov
Beinspired posted:

Respect threat rules.

DD at most 40%.
Trade history and profits are not public. but as i see seems a martingale.

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