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Very tough business.

Jul 04 at 04:46
33 príspevkov
It takes time to build a successful trading career. You have to go through a series of profits and losses and still trade to make additions to your experience. Your losses may take away your money but they give important trading lessons that help you in staying in the forex market for a long time.
Jul 04 at 10:08
283 príspevkov
success is a big deal in this market place , need a long time experience with a reliable support from a credible trading broker.
Jul 05 at 10:39
18 príspevkov
There's no denying that forex trading is a very tough business. But for those who are willing to put in the hard work, forex trading can be a very lucrative career.

Traders need to be disciplined and patient, and be willing to take calculated risks. Most importantly, you need to be able to handle losses.
Losses are a part of forex trading, and you need to be able to accept them and move on. If you let losses get to you, you'll never be successful in this business.
Jul 05 at 12:42
415 príspevkov

Forex is the largest money market in the world where more than four trillion transactions take place a day. How amazing it is that you are trading in this largest money market sitting home. But coping up with the market condition is a little tough but nothing impossible as experts are already doing. Try your best to survive in the market.
Jul 06 at 05:46
851 príspevkov
Honestly, Forex is like a thorny street for beginners as they initially don’t have sufficient trading knowledge. They make mistakes and they are ignorant of terms and conditions of the Forex market. This is the reason Forex seems scary to them and they also remain in confusion what they should do and what they shouldn’t.
Jul 06 at 06:26
25 príspevkov
It’s not a joke that the number of winning traders in the forex market is not even half of the losing traders. Reading about a few strategies doesn’t make you a profitable trader. It’s your constant effort to take risks that does.
Jul 08 at 14:23
74 príspevkov
For some reason, many newbie traders have the illusion that now they will come to trade and immediately earn millions @Pelagic .
Alas, it's not.
Guys right that forex's indeed too tough business. The business where you need to constantly invest your time, money and perseverance. The strongest win. And it is true.
On my own, I add that if you really want to make money on forex, it's important to be stubborn and not dwell on losses. And they will...
Think thrice before opening an order
Jul 11 at 00:41
39 príspevkov
The forex market is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of things to learn about the business and have the experience to be risk-free in any market condition. A person must first prepare for the trade before engaging in it.
Jul 11 at 10:38
31 príspevkov
Yes, trading is a difficult business, but with regular practice and a good amount of knowledge, you can make it easier for yourself to trade.

George Henry (GeorgeHen)
Jul 11 at 10:47
1 príspevkov
sjkhaushu posted:
kamikazebogeyman posted:
finnishpension posted:
If I knew how tough it would be before I started then I would probably have done something else. I am in too deep now to get our though

Keep going. Don't give up now. You can make it in the end. Forex is tough but people fail because they are not prepared for the long tough journey but at the end of the road is the promised land

People fail not because they are not prepared, they fail because they are not talented/smart/disciplined enough. Do you think that everyone who is prepared for a long journey eventually makes it? Thats nonsense.

The fact is that most people are just not suited for FX business, just like most people are never going to make it in professional sports. They can invest as much time and energy into it but if they dont have certain qualities, they are never going to make it no matter how hard they try. So telling people that they will make it if they just put enough effort into it is the worst advice you can give.

Yes, it's true Forex trading is really a very tough business in the world for Forex traders. But in spite of being so tough for earning money unlimited people do interested in this business. If you want to do trading in Forex you have to be enough skilled. Traders who are very skilled and experienced can achieve their trading success early and easily. Without good trading skills, you can only lose.

Jul 12 at 06:08
27 príspevkov
Forex trading is tough because it’s a dynamic market that is highly unpredictable as it depends on many external factors. So, in order to become profitable, traders need to constantly update their strategies and skills to survive in the market.
Jul 14 at 04:43
24 príspevkov
Yes, it can be tough for those who don’t spend time learning. Skills and technique are achieved through experience. If newbies find patience and stick to a plan, they will receive profit.
Jul 14 at 04:45
26 príspevkov
Yes, trading forex can be challenging and fraught with risk. However, there is also the possibility of making a significant amount of money from it. One bad decision can cost you a lot of money, whereas one good decision can make you a lot of money.
Jul 14 at 06:42
22 príspevkov
The foreign exchange market is extremely volatile and risky. This is why most people believe forex trading is difficult. However, if you can learn and have a thorough understanding of the market and a good adaptability in the ever changing market, things will be much easier for you.
Jul 14 at 10:14
23 príspevkov
It’s not easy to put any business on track. You have to go through a lot of hard work, testing, and losses, to find out what is right! Forex trading is no different. You have to keep patience from the very beginning to put your trading career on track.
Jul 15 at 04:46
26 príspevkov
Trading is really tough. A trader has to go through a series of losses, and there will be a decent amount of mistakes as well from time to time. No one can trade perfectly in the beginning. Being mentally stable is even more difficult especially when a trader is witnessing a series of losses. But, those who overcome all these challenges and stick to the process of trading become successful.
Jul 15 at 08:39
415 príspevkov
Psychology plays a vital role in adapting you to the market environment. So, follow such a trading approach that brings high profit for you.
Jul 17 at 14:42
187 príspevkov
Self-assessment plays a vital role in developing traders’ trading. This process helps a trader finds out his own faults so he knows well in which areas he needs to work to develop.
Jul 18 at 08:07
21 príspevkov
I think it is the tough and challenging nature of the market that keeps us interested. It is human nature to always chase after something that is challenging, because solving that challenge gives us an indescribable boost of serotonin.
For me, honestly I am so intrigued and deep into forex trading that I don’t think I will stop trading anytime soon in the coming years.
Jul 21 at 06:38
27 príspevkov
Forex is tough indeed. There is nothing like ‘easy riches, no pain’ in forex. You have to do the hard work. But if you persevere, you will start understanding the concepts of forex trading and make successful trades, but you will have to remain focussed at all times.
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