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What is fast forex scalping?

Apr 06 at 07:37
4 príspevkov
Ericdier752 posted:
BEHC posted:
LyudmilLukanov posted:
Scalping is a short time trading strategy that requires only a couple of minutes to trade. They execute several trades for small pips in each trade.

I agree with this comment.

Because I am a trader of this type as well.

To be added is... In pressing the order or sell order, I choose to click on buy or sell at 'Before resistance or support line' of the Time Frames 30M, H1, H4 is important.

And placing an order for a profit of 5-10 pips only

Would trading on hourly time frames be scalping?

I press the order, I'll look at M1 or M5 only.

Oct 16 at 06:56
204 príspevkov
Scalping is risky if you don't have proper knowledge about it.

Oct 16 at 08:04
320 príspevkov
I repeat my question, why does everyone want to use scalping? Not all companies approve of this.

Oct 17 at 09:48
283 príspevkov
if you start working on this principle without understanding, then this is a quick drain of money

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