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When a trader is a newbie

Jan 18 at 06:24
13 príspevkov
Practice on a demo account before going live.
Jan 19 at 15:27
21 príspevkov
Better to learn until ur confident in yourself, that you know you will be profitable when going live. Ask people for help with your questions, take courses, learn from experienced traders and their enter / exit strategies, learn to be patient.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jan 19 at 22:31
470 príspevkov
All traders come from newbies, although now they already become professional traders at first they also start from newbies, but each trader will have a different process and progress in learning how to trade forex and make money from it.
Feb 02 at 08:18
17 príspevkov
When a trader is a newbie, he tends to follow and learn more and more about forex trading which is important because the more you learn and practice. The more you will become good at this. So there are a number of blogs and tutorials available out there to give you more insights about trading.
Feb 06 at 11:25
20 príspevkov
Hey! I'm new to this community! Looking to learn new and interesting things.
Feb 13 at 12:39
15 príspevkov
When a trader is new, he has a lot of questions and fears. There is only one piece of advice I can give them: do not use various sources to study forex. One reliable site with decent content could be quite beneficial.
Feb 16 at 06:14
10 príspevkov
As a beginner, I decided to become an investor.
I watch my manager's trading from the sidelines and analyze his strategies.
Feb 17 at 12:17
18 príspevkov
In my opinion, newbies should try out copy trading, as it allows them to follow and replicate the trades of more experienced traders, without having to gain extensive knowledge and experience themselves.
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