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Can you become millionaire through expert advisors?

Jun 02 at 05:56
78 príspevkov
Sure, trading can make you rich but to be a millionaire specially and only through trading is a difficult task. It takes time and experience and an impeccable amount of skill to become a millionaire with trading only. It is possible, yes but highly unlikely.
Jun 15 at 04:52
45 príspevkov
Imo, EAs can really be profitable if the trader knows how to operate them. They are only recommended to experienced traders as it has its limitations and for a newbie to use it, he should know how to trade manually.
Sep 02 at 14:24
23 príspevkov
I think it is possible to become a millionaire without advisors. This is real because the Forex market has limitless possibilities. Those traders who find several successful strategies and use technical analysis correctly can have a permanent good profit.
As for the advisors.... Are excellent assistants to help beginners and professionals to earn more.
The main thing is to find the expert advisor, which will be really useful.
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