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Forex trading is a work for professional

Mar 28 at 19:01
128 príspevkov
lingrobert posted:
I do agree with trading only for professional... everyone does start from somewhere... So just keep learning and trading will get us somewhere...

Yes. I agree. First trade and learn trading in demo account. Then invest small capital in micro or cent account. If you feel confident then go for big investment.

Mar 29 at 12:34
9 príspevkov
micro is a helpful tool but only try micro when you are profitable with demo

Apr 05 at 05:30
15 príspevkov
That is right and every professional trader begins as a newbie. So everyone can trade forex as per their knowledge and skill.

Apr 05 at 07:54
886 príspevkov
yes , you have to be more professional in trading if you want to be successful from this trading place.

Apr 05 at 09:51
57 príspevkov
Professionals are those who strive to learn and practice on an ongoing basis.

Apr 08 at 16:53
588 príspevkov
There are a lot of professional traders in the market. But they are few in number.

Apr 17 at 10:32
13 príspevkov
Yes, forex requires the right knowledge and skills for a trader to be successful in the market.

May 20 at 17:18
383 príspevkov
Faujinn posted:
Professionals are those who strive to learn and practice on an ongoing basis.

I agree with you. It is not easy to make money from this market.

May 21 at 08:11
20 príspevkov
Professionals' earnings are quite high and stable, but everyone started from scratch, and those who wanted to succeed.

Jun 16 at 08:37
29 príspevkov
I think it will be convenient for beginners to work and adhere to the rules and recommendations from managers.

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