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Getting so much confused with the terms. Please, help.

Oct 16 at 07:28
34 príspevkov
sidekickstarter posted:

I am reading for the last three/four days about Forex and right now, I am getting totally confused. I can't get used to with the terms used in Forex related conversation.

How could I improve this? I am trying to understand and memorize those terms like looney, currency pair, pip, pipettes, lot and thousands more. Is there any other easy method?

I even search for kind of Forex Dictionary but failed to find one.

Hope that, you won't mind.

You can refer some good youtube channels may be. That will help you out because when you hear something that proves to be more useful than reading. Or you can refer pipsology course by Babypips.

Nov 11 at 11:17
640 príspevkov
New traders must improve their skills through practice and discipline.

Nov 11 at 16:36
658 príspevkov
Beginners must keep in mind that practice, knowledge, and discipline are key to success.

Nov 17 at 04:27
20 príspevkov
These little unique words in forex trading convey a lot of information and it’s strange how it becomes impossible to trade without the knowledge of these basic terminologies. I remember how these words sounded alien to me when I was a beginner and now it has just become a part of my vocabulary just like any other trader.

Nov 22 at 05:52
22 príspevkov
If you are completely new to Forex trading, I recommend reading the basics before attempting any more advanced strategies. Forex trading takes time to learn, and I would advise you to be patient, as it will pay off in the long term.

Nov 22 at 14:08
346 príspevkov
I advise you to learn the terms first, and then invest money! It's safer!

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