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Intraday Trading is gambling

Arcferreira (Arcferreira)
Feb 10 at 10:50
50 príspevkov
I believe that everyone who trades using technical analysis is in someway gambling.
There is no difference if you use higher timeframes or smaller ones. Technical indicators will give same answer, always.
The problem with daytrade is more about risk management. If you trade monthly for a 5% return and 60% year, you must do the same in daytrading.
Don't think you can do 100x more profit using a 15 min TF vs a daily TF.
Everything has risks. There is no gain without risk.

Trade safely... Remember, a high Drawdown means a high risk!
Mar 02 at 09:48
22 príspevkov
I’ve been trying to move forward to intraday but couldn’t find the right moment to begin with it. I’ve heard a lot about it.

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