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Apr 15 at 12:37
16 príspevkov
Mt4 is so challenging for me, how do you guys even manage Mt5?

Jul 25 at 12:20
446 príspevkov
Sep 05 at 13:45
658 príspevkov
I don’t think so, it is very user-friendly.

Sep 06 at 08:12
50 príspevkov
according to me compare to mt5 , mt4 is not hard and easy to use for any kinds of trader even beginners.

Sep 24 at 20:19
446 príspevkov
SteveHanks posted:
MT4 is far better than MT5.

I agree with you.

Sep 28 at 06:14
17 príspevkov
MT4 is simple and easy to use platform as compared to MT5.

Sep 28 at 11:06
112 príspevkov
Indeed, for many MT4s, this is the most optimal and easiest option in order to be able to work. But some started with MT5 and thus, for them, the option is better.

Sep 29 at 11:36
33 príspevkov
@Fred you can find a lot of video instructions on youtube on how to use the MT4 trading platform. It is actually the easiest to use.

Sep 30 at 10:44
61 príspevkov
If you are so confused about using MT4, please check the youtube to understand. Here is good video:

Oct 01 at 06:44
446 príspevkov
Tam_fx posted:
MT4 is simple and easy to use platform as compared to MT5.

I always rely on MT4.

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