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New in forex trading

Sep 04 at 08:21
446 príspevkov
RobSchiz posted:
Imamul posted:
you can start with learning first above all from psychology of school. go through this educational site minimum for 2 times . it will bring awesome knowledge with live experience.

A demo account will also be a good option to practice and learn. What you say?

Yes. I agree with you. A demo is the best option for practicing.

Sep 06 at 08:18
639 príspevkov
Demo is the place for new trader to learn about trading system. Demo is also helpful for old traders as they test their strategy on demo before going to live.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Sep 06 at 19:57
54 príspevkov
wleverts posted:
I am in Africa. completely new in forex trading. infact I know nothing on forex trading. I have been reading about automated softwares and every software has pretty bad reviews. any advices? I really wanna do this but I need an experts hand

Check out babypips and forex peace army

Nov 08 at 17:03
658 príspevkov
There are many bad EAs in the market. But some are good. You just need to find those.

Nov 10 at 16:36
640 príspevkov
As a new trader, you should focus on manual trading rather than EA.

Nov 12 at 06:03
20 príspevkov
@Sofie_Andreasen The common trait of scammers is that they will promise ridiculously high returns. It’s crucial to do proper research before committing to any expert advisor and always backtest it on a practice account. The performance of an EA on a demo account will show you if it’s suitable to use in the real market conditions or not.

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