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Which indicator you use most for your trading?

Oct 17 at 17:34
168 príspevkov
I am building my strategy around BBs, Stochastics, and SMAs. I've tried that SMA high, low, and close, too, but I think Bollinger Bands do better overall.

Oct 19 at 12:40
7 príspevkov
I use rsi indicator most of all. or ma and fibbo grid.

Oct 19 at 13:32
500 príspevkov
I try to use several indicators at once. As for me, this is the most correct strategy, because this way you can achieve more accurate results.

Oct 19 at 19:20
6 príspevkov
I guess that the most useful indicator (pattern) for me is triangle because it helps me a lot to determine trend reversal. I know that there are some other indicators which are also as useful as triangle and it can be combined with other pattern, nevertheless I guess that triangle works perfectly independent. Moreover, I think that people should always pick those indicators which have the biggest winrate according to their spectations. So, if you see that stochastic oscialltor helped you to gain more money, then use it and try various combinations which include stochastic oscialltor. So, here everything is pretty individual.

Oct 20 at 08:54
28 príspevkov
Oct 20 at 13:17
371 príspevkov
I try to use several indicators in order to calculate the more accurate one.

Oct 20 at 19:36
465 príspevkov
skihav posted:
I try to use several indicators in order to calculate the more accurate one.

Indicators are profitable. But you need to have proper knowledge.

Oct 31 at 11:42
207 príspevkov
niceGLer posted:
momo3HC posted:
Bigoudi posted:
Here are my two indicators

PSAR is one of my favorites too.

Am I wrong, but I see a pivot level, SMA high, low and close, and then the parabolic SAR?

And? Why are you wrong?

Oct 31 at 16:57
44 príspevkov
There are so many indicators out there to use. I don't tend to use a single one, many of them pair well together. MA & RSI are ones I use regularly.

Oct 31 at 23:32
55 príspevkov
I use a Supply and Demand indicator.
Really lazy i know but marks up the zones as i would so saves me a bunch of time

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