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Elkart (Elkart)
Aug 13 2009 at 00:47
941 príspevkov
K - right now if I put this tweet down: Closed Buy EURGBP 0.8552 for +65.0 pips, total for today +65.0 pips - The 150 people in my profile can see the tweet.

If I can put it down with a $ in front of the pair $EURUSD it will then post to Stocktwits, where I can broadcast it to the 80 000 people on Stocktwits. By doing that I change the profile to which I post, so instead of posting on mine, I post on theirs. Or I can add a $$ after the post to post to Stocktwits. Or I can add a # tag to tag the word #EURUSD to make it a keyword.

I don't know what the rest are, but the $ before and $$ after posts and the # are will help to get to get wider, relevant audiences.

I'm sure with time some extra symbols will come into it as well as twitter develops.

Elkart (Elkart)
Aug 13 2009 at 00:51
941 príspevkov
So my idea is to have another tick box for symbols before the pair and a little blank box we can put the symbol into. And the same for putting something at the end off the post.

Ethan (Staff)
Aug 17 2009 at 10:45
1385 príspevkov
Ok, you have explained it very clearly.

Thank you.

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