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Best Scalper (by forexgermany)

Zisk: +1612.78%
Pokles: 59.72%
Pipy(ov): 3527.8
Obchody: 3559
Typ: Skutočný
Páka: 1:500
Obchod: Automatizovaný
Dec 16 2019 at 23:34
225 príspevkov
Another issue I've noticed is that when there is a strong move, pending orders do not seem to account for this in a timely fashion. For example, a GBPUSD buy order was triggered during a strong move down, and then was immediately liquidated at a loss before even the 15 minute candle close.

If the EA could account for and recognise such strong moves, adjust pendings accordingly, it may help with performance.

Alternately, it might account for heavier than usual volatility by opting not to trade at all.

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Evelpist (Evelpist)
Sep 07 2020 at 13:19
22 príspevkov
In my opinion, the work of this expert Advisor is similar to manual trading, many indicators of robotic trading are missing. This is my personal opinion.

A walking person is always faster than a standing person
Dec 17 2020 at 09:53
3 príspevkov
@forexgermany .. did you stop the EA? The myfxbook isn't updating.


Jan 07 at 08:53
21 príspevkov
Quite an impressive EA. Being a live account, I would say it’s a good job done there!

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