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Mt4-90187191 (By tvravikiran)

Zisk -98.05%
Pokles 99.91%
Pipy(ov): 4506.9
Obchody 2196
Typ Demo
Páka: 1:500
Obchod Manuálny
tvravikiran (tvravikiran)
Feb 05 at 01:45
85 príspevkov
ibFXtrader posted:
tvravikiran posted:
ibFXtrader posted:

good job

you have real account?

I think I have blasted more than 1000 demo accounts trading since 2008 and only now I find the way to trade.
Yes, I do have a real account with Alpari. I will start off shortly :)


So you still haven't had success on real accounts ....)))

Good luck
I will stay away

I have started with real account but only in INDIAN NSE exchange....
My broker was once under liquidation, I am a bit sceptic about him....Still, I will take off very shortly..... and yes please stay away...hehehehe

Nobody plans to fail, they rather fail to plan!!!
tvravikiran (tvravikiran)
Feb 05 at 01:58
85 príspevkov
Busted_Fraud posted:
1. Start lot size 0.01 >>> lot size is multiplied 100 times, up to 1.0 lot size

Demo (USD), Alpari INT , Technical , Manual , 1:500 , MetaTrader 4
Track Record Not Verified

3. Withdrawals: $278.76 >>> Why do you withdraw money from a demo virtual account? Who do you want to fool?

4. Abs. Gain: -5957.62%

Come on...who can withdraw money from demo accounts?
i do not see that anywhere in the account. two days ago i saw that in nasdaq trades it came as dividend adjusted, i did not know what it was.
Well coming to the point of Abs. Gain- 5957%... I agree.
This happened once I made it a point not to get this account blown and continue with the same account.
And, every now and then myfxbook is not updated properly, yesterday I tried it again and status started showing not verified.
I will get it corrected :)
No offense......guys....I mean what I say.
I do not want to have enemity with anyone in this forum.

Nobody plans to fail, they rather fail to plan!!!
tvravikiran (tvravikiran)
Feb 05 at 15:22
85 príspevkov
I am surprised how the broker is showing withdrawl from a demo account....
Strange..i could notice only after Busted_Fraud pointed out..

Nobody plans to fail, they rather fail to plan!!!
tvravikiran (tvravikiran)
Feb 05 at 15:53
85 príspevkov
EURUSD under selling pressure from now ...i guess :)

Nobody plans to fail, they rather fail to plan!!!
Mar 06 at 04:14
17 príspevkov
You can always work and use some effective strategies to get better results. Try not to lose hope and keep practising. Good luck.

Mar 17 at 03:51
13 príspevkov
I’m sure it will get better if you use some indicators. You can also try to lower the risk by reducing leverage.

Mar 25 at 10:44
16 príspevkov
It is good that this is just a demo so the losses won’t create a hole in your pocket. Good luck.

Mar 26 at 10:34
35 príspevkov
All the very best with this. I’m sure you'll recover your losses soon.

Jun 18 at 06:08
8 príspevkov
MT4 is a solid trading platform which is truly an industry standard. Don’t blast off; calculate the risks which can incur by your decisions.

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