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The Prime Scalping EA (By forex_trader_[674018] )

Užívateľ odstránil tento systém.
May 06 at 11:06
81 príspevkov
BenjaminFund posted:
akhilleus posted:
deionte79 posted:
Dont trust this EA!!!
I bought also EA from author its The Prime Scalping v11.0 for 1500$ but it only get profits on demo.
Even i try to refund or find solution with author but he is not honest at all care of this EA' which working only demo.

Yes only demo account. It certainly won't work on a real account otherwise they would have had it a long time ago. Hands off from him.

Did you buy it?

My last month profits on ICMarkets broker:

BenjaminFund - This user doesn't share any systems currently.

For all. Never trust pictures. They are easy to counterfeit.

Landon (appleone)
May 21 at 08:06
5 príspevkov
The latest version is really good on live accounts. Don't use old version or cracked EA. Crack can not get perfect results

Jun 11 at 07:30
10 príspevkov
Maybe you can use some other strategy on your demo system next time. All the best to you.

Jun 16 at 23:48
14 príspevkov
hi .
for those who bought the product and prove it is not working can you please share the ea folder so I can try it in demo or even a real account ?thanks

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