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SCR-Dynamic (Od SCR Traders )

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SCR-Dynamic Diskusia

SCR Traders (Pikasso)
Feb 03 2021 at 12:25
170 príspevkov
SCR-Dynamic - 100% automated trading strategy with manual risk control.

This is swing trading strategy based on some technical indicators and oscillators. The indicators are primarily used to find trends that play out 3 trading periods. After these periods are analyzed we are able to determine whether instances of resistance or support have occurred.

The next step is to identify the bearish or bullish trend and look for reversals. Reversals are often referred to as pullbacks or countertrends. Once the countertrend becomes clear, we can pick our entry point.

The goal is to enter into a position where the countertrend will quickly reverse and prices will swing.

The main advantage of this trading system is that it offers great risk to reward trading opportunities. In other words, you're going to risk a smaller amount of your account balance for a potentially much bigger profit, compared to the risk.


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