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V zone plan (Od Dinesh Santher )

Používateľ nastavil svoju stratégiu ako súkromnú.

V zone plan Diskusia

Dinesh Santher (dansbn98)
Oct 28 2020 at 03:02
3 príspevkov
Hye guys, so this trading plan have given me a good startup with a consistent profits in forex market
Let me explain about the trading plan as it is vital to start up with.

    Per day profit for sure it will be minimum 100USD but as per my target it could go up to more then that.

2. Only one trade per day. No more excessive trades even if it shows a profitable view.

3. Target to reach 50k usd in 8 month

Lets do it
Nov 19 2020 at 05:49
38 príspevkov
Every trade has something to offer. You would have definitely learnt a lot from this graph.
Dec 07 2020 at 07:46
19 príspevkov
It’s unfortunate to see the graph. It would have been disheartening for you when you were trading.
Dec 12 2020 at 22:13
5 príspevkov
2. Only one trade per day. No more excessive trades even if it shows a profitable view.

3. Target to reach 50k usd in 8 month
Jan 06 2021 at 07:13
42 príspevkov
It is good that you are trying to learn from every step. And if your system is giving consistent profits, that is very good. Keep it up and good luck.
Jan 06 2021 at 10:08
370 príspevkov
What are you guys talking about? This system is crashed:


Dinesh Santher (dansbn98)
Jan 16 2021 at 04:55
3 príspevkov
Hye. I'm here again. For the past two weeks my trading method was stucked. As usual, every trading plan will have its bad months. January has started to get back the market in a good move.. you'll notice the chart increasing in time. My hard work for these years is not something which failes that easily. Thanks for your comments. This really motivated me alot
Feb 08 2021 at 04:59
19 príspevkov
You can work on improving this system by applying some good strategies like price action or day trading for this system. Good luck.
Dinesh Santher (dansbn98)
Feb 10 2021 at 16:03
3 príspevkov
Yea.. This Portfolio.. Purely as a trader from 0 and getting improved. My hardworks and homeworks to keep the curve up is not gonna stop. My passion toward forex never dies and never stop learning from mistakes. This year should make this thing goes up. My strategy, its improving and upgrading. Sticking with the plans.It will work
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