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Forex Contest Valutrades

A (Putcelis)
May 16 2016 at 09:34
1 inlägg
Explain me some one, how to start trading, i am loged in in to my mt4 but trades are disable.

Ciprian JIPA (CiprianJ)
May 16 2016 at 09:34
3 inlägg
kiddragon1412 posted:
Got it now , only + currencies is tradeable .

What do you mean by that? Where do I find the +currencies? I am using the deskop Mt4 standard version, added Valutrade server, added account, all good. I just cannot trade. What am I missing?

May 16 2016 at 09:34
1 inlägg
can someone email here how you get into scoreboard???

Mahtab Ahmad (mehtabkk)
May 16 2016 at 09:34
5 inlägg
Leverage is only 100. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeh

May 16 2016 at 09:35
22 inlägg

where is the one click trade ?
I have open a trade to check if it is opening by New order and it does not appear on the chart, neither the entry level or tp/sl lines although the trade does open.

Mahtab Ahmad (mehtabkk)
May 16 2016 at 09:35
5 inlägg
My account is not active either. What a joke,

ZOGHELY Ash (ashf)
May 16 2016 at 09:35
23 inlägg
According to rules: deposit 10 000$, leverage 1:100, which mean max open orders 10 lots. how come some account have more than 40 open lots?

Suryadi (fxofnibiz)
May 16 2016 at 09:35
5 inlägg
Staff posted:
This topic is for discussing the Forex Contest Valutrades.

Dear Admin, greetings.

Where I can enter the following steps in order to make my trades:
Step 1: Click on Get Your MT4 Logins Button
Step 2: Setup A MyFXBook Account
Step 3: Go to Contests menu tab
Step 4: Fill in the MYFXBook Contest Form
Step 5: You will receive an email from MYFXBook with your login details ?

Thank you.

Dicky Sandy (hokibro)
May 16 2016 at 09:35
2 inlägg
This contest only trade with + currency pairs, with commision and leverage 1:100

Сергей Пр. (garrytabur)
May 16 2016 at 09:36
1 inlägg
Alazon posted:
Here’s an interesting thing. I see a contestant has an open buy on 40 lots of XAGUSD, plus another buy for 5 lots and another 5 lots, and another for 25 lots and another for 10 lots. All 85 lots open buy on XAGUSD, yet I can’t open a XAGUSD buy for 10 lots. What’s going on?

Пары должны быть со знаком +. XAGUSD+, EURUSD+

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