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Aug 27 2013 at 03:14
30 poster
thanks alpha your website looks interesting!

Backtests are worthless, markets will never behave the same way. Do a forward test!
Kami486 (Kami486)
Aug 27 2013 at 05:39
30 poster
interesting indeed!!

To become the biggest fund manager of this world
Drivealpha (Drivealpha)
Aug 27 2013 at 07:29
148 poster
@stensten thanks buddy. you will see a revamped version in the coming month

Aug 29 2013 at 09:57
5 poster
Your weekly trade analysis is just awesome. I have added you to my watch list.

Drivealpha (Drivealpha)
Aug 29 2013 at 11:12
148 poster
Sep 02 2013 at 09:45
23 poster
Thanks, Alpha! Gold is a new trend right now, I've been looking to start trading for some time already! Your help makes it easier.

Drivealpha (Drivealpha)
Sep 02 2013 at 09:50
148 poster
@Sharle thanks for the compliment. We are here to help forex traders (Y). in case of an issue or query you can always email us at

Drivealpha (Drivealpha)
Sep 04 2013 at 07:31
148 poster
New Discussion:What is Tapering? and Why FED will likely taper is September?

Drivealpha (Drivealpha)
Sep 04 2013 at 07:53
148 poster
According to Drive Alpha point of view about tapering refers to the practice of reducing exercise which is going on daily, weekly and on monthly basis.
For Example: If some one save some amount of money from his/her job or from business and invest it in Forex, Commodities, Real Estate and in Energy sector etc, In order to get return from his/her investment and then due to some issues he/she stop investing by any reason or due to volatility do not want to take risk of its principal and start investing in other dimensions to put its money in the bank or start investing in stocks or not to invest any where is refer to word 'Tapering' that shows some one give up their practices.
Similarly, If we talk about 'FED Tapering' that refers FED is going to stop its bond buying program that ultimately refers that it is going to stop injecting money in the market.

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