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Broker and regulations

Apr 17 at 16:33
28 poster
Tremblay posted:
melbaortega posted:
I’m sure you will find brokers with a high leverage and if they meet all your trading needs, you should open an account with them.

There are many brokers which are fake. So, be careful about choosing the broker.

Yes you are right my friend.

Apr 18 at 13:12
15 poster
Indeed, all the rules are prescribed by brokers should not be all publicly available, so that the client initially understands whether they suit him or not.

Jul 07 at 03:39
162 poster
Yes regulation of a broker is very important. One should not trade in any unregulated broker. With unregulated broker, your money is at risk. Be wise to choose a broker.

Jul 07 at 04:06
462 poster
In unregulated broker, they may freeze your money without showing you any reason. They also create fake candles. We should pick up good regulated broker.

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