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Confidence is very important

Oct 20 at 13:15
355 inlägg
This is really important to pay attention to. Otherwise, the trader simply risks losing data.

Oct 20 at 16:37
16 inlägg
It's kinda difficult to imagine trading activity without confidence. If you're not confident, then it probably can lead to uneplasant consequences such as blowing deposit and something like that. I guess that confidence can be also developed during trading activity. If you understand that you're lack of confidence, then just try to overcome it. It's not easy, but you should dedicate some time to it. Less-confident people always make some serious mistake because they start raging and stop control their emotions. When you're confident you can rationally evaluate the situation and make a right choice.

Oct 20 at 20:02
459 inlägg
skihav posted:
This is really important to pay attention to. Otherwise, the trader simply risks losing data.

Losing is a common thing. You need proper knowledge to make money from this market.

Oct 21 at 05:56
18 inlägg
Yes definitely its important, its required to invest your earnings in the market.

Oct 21 at 06:49
59 inlägg
Yes, confidence in trading is crucial but it should be balanced.
Overconfidence may hurt you when you least expect. But without confidence, you can’t survive in the market.

Oct 21 at 08:01
11 inlägg
In trading, I believe confidence translates to executing your trading plan each time the opportunity presents itself. Without hesitation. Without second thought.

Oct 21 at 08:43
485 inlägg
I try to pay attention to this, because the safety of my money depends on it. As for me, this may already be enough.

Oct 21 at 15:14
124 inlägg
confidence does not just appear, you need to carefully approach your actions and decisions made, only after good results can you get confidence in your work

Oct 29 at 06:17
36 inlägg
Confidence and patience are the two most important tools for successful forex trading. Without confidence, people will make hasty decisions, which will lead to losses.

Nov 02 at 05:23
26 inlägg
It's very important to have confidence when trading because without confidence no trader will ever make money. Confidence in trading is usually a skill that requires a lot of experience to develop.

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