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Customize your strategy

Oct 16 at 18:26
218 inlägg
skihav posted:
I believe that if something works well, then it should not be changed.

If you have confidence enough to switch, you can switch.

Oct 17 at 09:54
283 inlägg
you always need to develop your strategy and reduce mistakes during work, this can only be done with the correct analysis of your work

Rachel (REB_FX)
Oct 17 at 16:13
50 inlägg
UweMoench posted:
We need to customize or personalize our strategy. Every person needs his own understanding of the market and price. That's why we don't get success by following other's strategy. Without customized strategy, long term success in trading is not possible.

Took a while but certainly found this to be very true, and was the break through in my trading.

Oct 18 at 17:19
7 inlägg
Surely, every trader should have his own trading strategy basing on his personal qualities and psychological pecularities. In spite of the fact that there are lots of trading strategies described in different forums and on youtube videos, however, such strategies may be inconvenient for you personally and you will have no options but to modify it according to your needs.

Oct 20 at 06:51
59 inlägg
If you have your own strategy in use, it is pretty simple to make small changes without actually changing the core of the strategy. You can customize it to become unique to you. All you need is a little bit of knowledge about the process and some practice.

Oct 29 at 06:12
36 inlägg
A trader should know when to get out of a trade. A trader should be able to cut their losses quickly, knowing that they’ll also have the ability to bounce back quickly. Always customize your strategy to fit your personal needs.

Oct 30 at 02:04
376 inlägg
Customers need to understand what they want. Customers need to ask what they want. They have to build the platform as per their demand. It should be easy, effortless and efficient for the customer to solve problems. Basically work in customer service.

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