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The demo account is the master

Mar 15 at 16:51
694 inlägg
Antonio_K posted:
SofieAndreasen posted:
AliaDare posted:
Demo accounts help a lot to make the trader professional. Such as how to do analysis, how to maintain money management, and risk management. It is possible to gain knowledge about all these issues from the demo account.

However, demo traders lack emotion. So, you cannot learn everything in the demo account.

True, because emotions intervene only when actual monye is involved, thats why demo seems way too easy as compared to real account trading.

I wanted to point out that demo trading is less important because of which there is no loss or gain emotionally. But if that is the original money, then emotionally it can be a bit of a problem.

Mar 16 at 14:11
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The demo account is the first tool used by a beginner to trade on live market using demo capitals and risk-free to understand how the live market works.

Mar 16 at 15:31
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Yep demo is the best place to start. But the real emotions start when trade live.

Mar 22 at 06:08
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right now i am with demo account and practicing price action , it supports me to see the performance how it works .

Mar 22 at 06:23
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practice is important and for that demo is a good choice , but i dont like this, i always try to maintain live account with minor balance . its supportive to acquire live knowledge and experience.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Mar 22 at 07:50
238 inlägg
Yes, the demo account can actually make you the master. it all depends on the level of seriousness.

Mar 26 at 11:49
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Michihito posted:
The demo account is the master place for a beginner to acquire all basic fundamental information which is very supportive to continue a live account in a proper way. But practically most of the beginners don’t believe the importance of this trading place at all. In my trading career, I use all my trading strategies in demo trading to see the performance how it works.

you have to demo every strategy

Mar 27 at 01:03
387 inlägg
Demo trading can transform you from a normal trader to a professional trader. A perfect platform for gaining experience. A profitable strategy can be developed on that platform.

Mar 27 at 14:32
164 inlägg
Yes i agree completely. It is perfect for trialling a strategy and for working on entries. You will need to go live to help with psychology though

Apr 05 at 10:50
15 inlägg
That is a good strategy if you ask me, and I see no harm in testing your trades before going live. I trust demos as well.

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