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Every pair has its own specific characteristics

Jul 03 at 10:02
305 poster
AliaDare posted:
Each pair has an interesting movement. The movement of each pair is different. So I must have an idea about the pair in which I will trade.

Yes. I agree with you.

Jul 07 at 03:53
248 poster
@Michihito Yes I agree with you. Every pair has its own charactistics. When I start to watch chart for a single pair I started notice this.

Jul 07 at 04:03
547 poster
@Akasuki Yes you are right. Once someone told me to watch only one or two pair. I choose one and start observing that pair a lot. I waw surprised by the result. Now I only trade 1/2 pairs.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jul 07 at 06:15
187 poster
cardigan posted:
Yes every currency pairs has its own characteristic. You are not meant to trade in all of them, you can just pick one and read that analysis and start trading with that pair

Exactly, every pair has its own characteristics and no one can master every trading instrument. You need to study about one or two trading instruments and trade with that pair only you will surely make profit.

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