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hedge forex positions with no loss

vontogr (togr)
May 25 2018 at 12:58
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A system that is based on hedge is quite difficult to manage, but it is also quite profitable once it is achieved. The hedge can not only be used to cover losses. If you have a good algorithm to increase the lot size, with the objective that, in the end, there is a net quantity of lots always following the trend, you can establish a DD zone that the total balance of the account can support. As long as the price exceeds that area, and the net quantity of lots follows the trend, the breakeven point can be reached soon and, from there, we already enter the profit area.
Of course, it is not a kind of strategy for everyone, nor is it the most appreciated or known, precisely because not everyone comes to dominate it, but the person who does it does not have to worry about the price direction, since it always covers any possible loss, and also earns money. You just have to worry about the calculation of the increment of the lots.
In fact, someone who has really mastered a type of trading system that is hedge-based, does not need any technical indicator, just needs an FX pair whose price moves a lot 😁

There have so many standard ways to read the market technically & fundamentally, so why need this complicated trading system (hedging)?

Well, of course there are several ways to analyze the market, and to get money out of it. But not everyone understands a type of strategy that one can understand. There are people who specialize in technical analysis, others in fundamental analysis, and others specialize in strategies that do not require any analysis, only movements in the price. I'm talking about some algorithmic trading strategies. I think that, finally, if a strategy based on hedging is profitable, and if the profits correspond to the risk assumed, that is what matters ... making money. By managing risk well, this can be achieved with a strategy based on hedging.

Without any offense do you have at least some idea what are you talking about? How is EA trading related to hedge?

Well, I do have an idea. I answered your post previously, and attach some images so that you could evaluate the performance of an algorithmic trading system based on hedging, but it seems that it was deleted. I leave a link to the YouTube channel we have with my partners. There we have uploaded hours and hours of recording of live trades in 2017 using this strategy with EA's, and I must say that we continue making money in 2018 in a consistent manner, covering each trade with a negative result with trade with a positive result that it is bigger.


OMG. I do not care about your promo.
This is MyFxBook - website that allows easy processing and evaluation of your trading. All anybody need to see is the link to your MFB account with great results.

I think nobody asked for money. It's not a promo, it's just a video, my friend. If you do not like it, do not look at it and that's it.
This is MyFxBook - website that allows easy processing and evaluation of your trading. All anybody need to see is the link to your MFB account with great results. Video or pictures are just promo. MFB link are the facts.
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