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Is Cysec regulation/authority reliable in terms of financial distress?

Dec 24 2020 at 12:39
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adrianmatusiaks posted:
Brick_56 posted:
No doubt Cysec license is good but it doesn’t mean all cysec regulated brokers are good. You’ll need to test if their trading conditions fit your range. Plus, normally known brokers have multiple licenses, commonly in hand with FCA for UK or ASIC for Australia. My advice is to select some brokers of your choice, test with the list of your checklist and decide to proportionate the accounts with brokers. I’ve also diversified my funds with pepperstone, hfx, IG and fxview. Just give your efforts and you’ll be good to go.

I am looking for a platform that is easy to use and does not charge any hidden fees. Of course low coomissions would be a plus. Any recommendations from your list? TIA.

If you're around EU then fxview, if ASIC is your suit then pepperstone is good. For trading platforms they have metatrader like most of the forex brokers, so you can go either for mt4 or mt5 whatever you like, metatrader is quite easy to use.

May 08 at 17:07
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Cysec is one of the most popular regulators in the market. It is good to choose a broker regulated by this regulator.

May 28 at 06:12
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Of course there is some sort of security with regulation, and traders generally prefer that while trading.

May 28 at 07:37
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The CySEC license is one of the most significant. People can rely on the brokers regulated by CySEC because it guarantees protection and safety for investors and traders. The regulator monitors brokerage companies’ actions and transactions to ensure that they comply with the directives of the legal and regulatory framework.

May 28 at 11:01
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Yes, Cysec regulation is one of the best regulatory bodies. You can trust them. But choosing a broker, make sure the broker is really Cysec regulated. Check their website to get confirmation.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
May 28 at 17:08
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it is one of the most reliable regulations. There are brokers offering ICF where funds are covered even if the companies goes bankrupt

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