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The less complicated trading system

Nov 10 2021 at 05:26
39 inlägg
Akasuki posted:
@davemack Accually people get fascinated by seeing complicated colorful charts. They think may it's the best thing. Best strategy is the strategy that you understand the most.

Couldn’t agree more!

Nov 10 2021 at 08:45
53 inlägg
UweMoench posted:
The less complicated trading system is the best methodology. There are heap of people who like confounded trading system. I think everything depends on individuals. Find what you are good at, use that. No matter whether it is simple or complicated strategy.

You are very right on the note that a trader is to stick with his own strategy that he is comfortable with. I personally like to keep things simple. In the Forex market, simple strategy works better. We just have to find the right strategy that offers better risk-reward with excellent winning rate.

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