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Most people fail because

Jan 06 at 08:07
26 inlägg
The biggest reason that drives their failure is their inability to detect their own mistakes which leads to the repetition of the same mistakes. It is important to keep track and analyse the mistakes and grow as a trader.
Jan 08 at 07:16
219 inlägg
Forex gained its popularity for its unlimired profit-sharing nature. Forex is all about currency trading, albeit you can also trade metals and cryptocurrencies too.
Jan 09 at 04:30
219 inlägg
Most traders fail because they don’t know when to trade and how to trade. When the market is calm, it’s a safe zone for trading because a calm market poses less risk for traders. Trading condition in the market is really important because it has an impact on your profit-making goal.
But traders, especially, scalpers, never consider this fact. However, a good broker is essential in all cases.
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