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Oct 07 at 09:17
32 inlägg
A new trader's first step is to learn about the forex market and consider demo trading the key of practising.

Oct 07 at 10:43
98 inlägg
no_frame posted:
A new trader's first step is to learn about the forex market and consider demo trading the key of practising.

Agreed! Also, it is important to keep in mind that you cannot expect to make a profit in overnight. You will need lots of determination and practice to constantly keep up on your trade.

Oct 07 at 13:40
371 inlägg
It is important for a beginner to start with a demo, and it is highly desirable - with a small risk. Otherwise, the result may not be the most positive.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Oct 12 at 17:30
116 inlägg
Personally I don't really like to use robots because I just don't trust it. Of course, I do think there are some legit ones out there so a lot of research and verified user reviews would make me feel more confident if I were to decide to use one.

Oct 14 at 04:45
18 inlägg
Every new trader should start with demo trading, It will helps to lean and develop trading skills. when you feel have good knowledge of trading then you can start live trading. It will reduce the risk of loss.

Oct 17 at 10:08
283 inlägg
newbies shouldn't be fooled by beautiful advertisements from scammers, because you can easily just lose your money even with a deposit

Rachel (REB_FX)
Oct 17 at 16:16
50 inlägg
djstick posted:
Hello everyone, as the title says I'm new to trading. I have been studying relentlessly over the past few weeks everything I can about trading. I am familiar with most technical terms, software and the best brokers out there to begin my trading career such as XM or FBS but I'm afraid my lack of experience will lead me to a black hole and end up losing my hard earned money, so I decided that for now I should get a nice and reliable robot to start my trading life while I continue to develop my trading skills. I've been googling for robots for a few days now and so far I have my target set on 3 but I still have doubts if they are legit or scams. I've heard that there are a lot of scam robots these days and life has taught me to be pragmatic and critical when the offer sounds too good to be true. They are EA PIP Scalper, GPS Robot and AlgoFX. I know that GPS and Algofx are the top most followed systems on this website so that is a relief but still I wanted to hear input from the most experienced guys out there what are their thoughts about this. Any experience trader could help me with that? Much appreciated. Have a nice day and good profits to you all.

Robots can be very nice, but never lose sight of the fact they still hold risk of losing your money

Nov 06 at 11:52
647 inlägg
Robot doesn't work all the time. It's only work for a certain period. Robot is made with certain strategy. So like any other strategy it also need to update every now and then.

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