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Newcomers and demo trading

May 23 at 09:47
30 inlägg
Newcomers need an open mind towards learning and implementing the strategies. They should practice on demo to consolidate their knowledge.
May 24 at 06:46
26 inlägg
As a newbie, it’s okay to not be well-versed with the exact situation of the market. But it’s wrong to overlook important steps like demo trading that are meant to make you familiar with the market situation. Reading books and watching videos is okay, but don’t overlook demo trading if you don’t want to end your career before you start it.
May 24 at 07:16
24 inlägg
The demo is the ideal way to learn Forex trading, but I've noticed that most new traders are misusing their demo! However, some who took their demo so seriously are now enjoying live trading.
May 26 at 06:15
29 inlägg
Regardless of your knowledge in trading, all new trades should demo trade for at least 3-6 months. Even though you don’t make money on a demo account, it teaches you quite a few things about the forex market, including trading skills and familiarity with the trading platform.
May 26 at 09:47
25 inlägg
I don’t think there is any particular amount of time that you must spend on demo trading. You should do it when you start until you are confident about using the platform. For real practice, you must put your real money at risk. There are micro accounts for this purpose.
May 27 at 04:16
164 inlägg
For newcomers, practicing in demo account is badly essential because frustration works when traders are in consistent loss. This frustration leads some traders to escape Forex trading. However, those who have high determination and strong mindset can survive in here. So, flourish yourself with a good strategy and proper learning so it doesn’t become a threat to your survival.
May 31 at 10:36
18 inlägg
I believe that newcomers should enter the market without any expectations, hopes, and judgments. They must take enough time to analyse the market and explore it. It’s important to develop a market instinct to stay in the race for a long time.
Seb King (sebking1986)
May 31 at 13:26
538 inlägg
Why put the extra pressure on yourself to trade with real money when firstly you need to experiment and work out a trading strategy. Impatience to try and make money is literally the only reason you would.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Jun 02 at 09:44
24 inlägg
Demo accounts are the key to success kind of thing for newcomers, I would say. Newcomers should practise on demo accounts as much as possible and should be patient and consistent while practising. The more they practise, the better they get to know about the platform and devise trading strategies, which will help them overcome the pressure of trading in a live account.
Jun 24 at 06:12
22 inlägg
It is very essential to trade in a demo account to gain an in-depth knowledge about the market and understand the market behaviour deeply. Not only do demo trading give you experience but also they save you a lot of money. Imagine trading directly in a live account and losing your money!
Jun 30 at 09:38
48 inlägg
No trader can expect to win if he/she doesn't have a trading strategy and the market knowledge. Demo accounts are there to help you with your trading skills. However, they are not entirely perfect, but with enough practice, you can at least hone your technical skills. So without any second thought, all traders should spend at least 6 months of demo trading.
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