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Jan 29 at 21:30
6 poster
Finally a professional approach to algotrading!

The trade is conducted by carefully selected expert advisors with different strategies for diversification.

Optimization was carried out in all phases of the market, there are results of 10 years on a 99,9% history with a floating spread and commissions.

HollandTrader (kasparsvas16)
Jan 30 at 16:15
251 poster
Jan 30 at 20:33
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Hello to everyone, I'm Giorgio from Italy, nice to meet you all : )

This is my Copytrading strategy in Ctrader platform.

• Low Risk
• Controlled risk management with TP and SL
• NO martingale
• Discretionary trading based on graphic and market analysis
• Win to Win policy

Alan (alanproject)
Jan 30 at 22:35
7 poster
Hi Everyone,

Here is my Myfxbook link to my trading portfolio:

Some information regarding this account:
- I've been running this since 2018 but overhauled the account in January 2020 with a portfolio of trading robots
- If you take results from 2020 only, it's made 450% return in 12 months
- No martingale, grid, averaging or large stop / low take profit, each trade is individual with target and stoploss
- Rotating trading robots within portfolio to suit changing market conditions

Thanks for reading

Sarowar Jahan (Sarowar2015)
Feb 02 at 01:04
8 poster
Account Performance
Invest: $2500
Balance: $3150
Profit: $3398
Withdrawal: $2750
Duration: 7 months running

Myfxbook Link:

Feb 02 at 05:21
12 poster
PROFIT 8200 USD dd BELOW 5% broker icmarket
If u are poor , nobody cant help u

PierstageCapital (Pierstage_CM)
Feb 02 at 12:09
9 poster
Abdullah Mohamed (AbdullahMohamed)
Feb 03 at 15:25
10 poster
Just started a High Risk New Account Way to $1000,000 With Our new Trading Robot.
Regulated and a very Reliable Worldwide Broker.

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