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what kind of spreads do you look in a broker

Oct 21 at 15:09
124 inlägg
I also prefer low-spreads, that's why I work with Amarkets, here, according to my preferences, the conditions are just right

Oct 21 at 19:27
6 inlägg
there are many brokers like turnkey with tight spreads and ecn
for news trading it's better to find low spreads but most important is the fast conenction

Oct 22 at 01:21
71 inlägg
Spreads are part of every market, including forex. Spreads are simply the price difference between where a trader can buy or sell an underlying asset. Traders familiar with equity markets refer to this as the Bid-Ask spread.

Oct 25 at 16:31
17 inlägg
Happy if I get 0.0 or 0.1 but pretty much satisfied as most of the time I get 0.2 to 0.5 on major pairs with fxview.

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