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Beginner's Tips

Dec 13 2020 at 05:57
920 inlägg
i like to depend on Forex , because its really a royal business than others. generally we the take Forex as money making place  and this greed comes from making profit from demo account. 

Dec 14 2020 at 07:53
364 inlägg
by and large traders and advisor recommended demo for practicing but i prefer always micro account , because in demo traders not serious because there is no real money.

Dec 14 2020 at 12:05
947 inlägg
Forex market or forex trading i think is completely secure but it depends on your broker performance , because without a broekr you cant a trade at all.

Dec 14 2020 at 13:14
920 inlägg
beginners should choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

Dec 15 2020 at 05:08
886 inlägg
no way to avoid the importance of demo trading , bu the main problem is , the experience we took from demo practically not works when trading in a live account. so, traders don't believe the importance of this trading place. 

Dec 15 2020 at 05:31
364 inlägg
When I was a newcomer I was using Bollinger Bands in demo account, but didn’t get maximal result that I did in demo.

Gabriel (GabrielO)
Dec 15 2020 at 10:24
9 inlägg
At the beginning I used my demo account as a platform for market research and analysis. But a demo account cannot provide an atmosphere when trading real money.

Dec 15 2020 at 10:56
947 inlägg
According to me, candle chart is much useful than the others 2 one; I basically rely on the candle chart for understanding the technical signal of the candle chart. Even, I don’t need to use any kind of technical tool.

Dec 15 2020 at 11:52
718 inlägg
success is not easy we know very well but still we try to bring success with no learning , as a result we become loser when try to make it in practical.

Dec 16 2020 at 09:29
103 inlägg
Always make sure to add Stop Loss. That is very crucial

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