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Aug 19 2018 at 19:31
256 inlägg
EUR/USD closed lower for a second consecutive day Friday, as the extreme overbought conditions together with some positive risk-related headers brought the chance for profits. The pair closed at 1.1437, slightly up on weekly basis, but reversing a three-week losing streak and after bottoming at 1.1300. Technically the pair is in corrective mode and yet far from bullish stance.

Aug 21 2018 at 06:56
12 inlägg
So are you thinking that price could fall further? I'm not sure about EURUSD anymore. I was bearish but now think it might go sideways for a while

Aug 21 2018 at 10:30
12 inlägg
I am still bearish on eurusd this baby gonna fall all the way down

Carlos (CarlosMZ)
Aug 22 2018 at 06:36
55 inlägg
The pair has broken above 1.1500
I am expecting a drop back to about 1.1300

Aug 24 2018 at 06:08
9 inlägg
Could be a good time to enter. Movement up has stalled. I entered a small position Sell at 1.1580 SL =1.1640 . I want at least 200 pips on this

Sep 02 2018 at 06:30
23 inlägg
It might be a good time to go short...

Sep 02 2018 at 06:45
9 inlägg
price is going down again. I like the look of a short to around 1.1530

Kel Freeman (TaloR_11)
Sep 05 2018 at 10:53
22 inlägg
There are bulls on Euro/US dollar. The price is going to reach 1.1600 and higher to 1.1620

Sep 09 2018 at 06:04
8 inlägg
You got your wish but price falling now. NFP out later today that will cause some chaos

Kel Freeman (TaloR_11)
Sep 10 2018 at 14:27
22 inlägg
Yeah, my analysis was wrong. And I don't know if it's reasonaple to trade now. The price is on the support of 1.1530, but it may be broken. hmm...

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