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How true is High leverage = High risk?

bennieriley (bennieriley)
Dec 10 2020 at 12:21
36 poster
russellgutierrez posted:
I’m using Oanda right now. I don’t really use high leverage so that works for me. Any other recommendations?

I’ve been around so long that I like to say I’ve used them all. Jokes apart, I have traded with quite good and bad ones. Oanda, IG, LCG, Fxview, Pepperstone are surely the good ones around. Healthy tip- stay away from scammers and research before investing.

Dec 10 2020 at 13:25
21 poster
I don’t think you should worry so much. Just choose the right platform and trade. I trade with XTB and The leverage varies from trade to trade and is usually high. Since it has worked for me, I go with it.

Dec 24 2020 at 05:03
28 poster
High leverage does come with high risk. It is better to keep the leverage low but if you want to experiment and give it a shot, high leverage can open doors for potential profit which is sometimes worth the risk.

Dec 25 2020 at 02:21
359 poster
The higher the leverage, the higher the risk. So 1:50 leverage should be used to control the risk.

Jan 11 at 07:58
40 poster
If a trader does not know how to manage capital and predict the most likely outcome of a trade, then a large leverage can only harm him. Therefore, after a while I just started using leverage up to 1: 1000

Feb 09 at 09:54
23 poster
High leverage can really be risky. Most new traders are advised to keep the leverage as low as 1:10 or 1:20 which is considered to be the safest among all.

Feb 10 at 15:05
39 poster
It seems to me that the risks associated with leverage does not depend on its size, it depends on how willing you are to work with it.

Feb 10 at 20:42
19 poster
From my experience most brokers will shut you down if Marvin gets to low and take that issue away from you.

Feb 24 at 05:23
12 poster
From what I have heard and experienced, it is somewhat true. A high leverage can increase the risk per trade but it also opens up doors for any potential return.

Mar 11 at 20:33
46 poster
The risk does not depend on the size of the leverage, it depends on your skill.

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