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Need an advice

Jan 17 2020 at 05:45
32 inlägg
Mohammadi posted:
The beginner should use demo account minimum for three months, sometimes many brokers organize demo contest with real money prizing. Newcomers can join here. It could be great to acquire real trading exeprince.

Maybe it is just me but i do not think that it is necessary to time frame on how long you should be on for demo account trading. It should be based on how you are making the steady profit and understanding much better when it comes to variables.

Jan 17 2020 at 12:02
10 inlägg
That is true but it is good to have an idea of roughly how long it will take on demo before profitability is reached. I expect it is more than 6 months but it will vary by trader and market conditions

Jan 17 2020 at 20:28
172 inlägg
Everyone is different, some traders can move from demo within weeks and other never make it at all

Jan 21 2020 at 07:48
17 inlägg
The first thing is that to step out of your comfort zone.

Jan 21 2020 at 07:50
364 inlägg
to be experience about Fx trading is a long time process and for that we the traders who are particularly newcomers lost interest in here after passing sometimes . patience is first of all needed to be an experienced.

Jan 21 2020 at 08:07
624 inlägg
according to me, most important trading tips dont depend on your trading strategies completely, i lost much equity for that. result of our trading its all about temporary session., nothing without it at all.   

Jan 23 2020 at 07:34
886 inlägg
we always advise to learn basic level for beginners level , but learning can be useless if there is no regular practice in demo or micro account , so besides learning it is more appropriate to emphasis on practice session  

Feb 04 2020 at 11:12
50 inlägg
Imamul posted:
Before large investments we generally open a demo account in a broker to see the performance how it works. But I have seen, after large investments brokers attitude changes sometimes that is not available in micro accounts.

This thing may happen that’s why it is important to carefully choose a broker before opening an account with them. However, not every broker is same, some brokers are there whose trading conditions are fair and genuine. I use Turnkey Forex they are quite good. Spreads are low with them. LMFX and FX choice are also some good options.

Feb 16 2020 at 16:56
27 inlägg
To be a successful trader it is very much needed to have proper knowledge about forex. Without knowledge, no one can make a profit. Proper knowledge and information can make a trader successful. To get all the information a trader can choose an adviser for him.

Apr 18 2020 at 14:55
16 inlägg
If you are new there is totally nothing wrong with it entirely and possibly on many many services out there and I clearly do not get what is what entirely..... I do want to understand the whole idea behind that. Even if the broker is bad you will discover it with little risk.

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