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Newcomers and their greediness

Sep 02 at 04:28
39 inlägg
Seeing other people earning well in forex, beginners get influenced and jump into forex trading to get rich as early as possible without checking out the trade history of experienced traders. This greed instead of giving more money takes away the money which is already in their holdings.
Oct 31 at 06:30
19 inlägg
I agree. Greed is likely to be the most difficult obstacle to overcome if you want to be a successful trader. In financial market, becoming greedy is fairly frequent, since all traders go through this stage. The more you prioritise money over protocols and consistency, the faster you will lose your trading account.

Over-trading will always lead to failure, therefore never trade in the market for the sake of generating money quickly. Be a beginner or an experienced trader, everyone should keep themselves away from greed while trading.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Nov 17 at 18:44
377 inlägg
Greed is never good for traders. I think a lot of beginners also have unrealistic expectations. They get greedy and feel like they should be making money more quickly, so they act without thinking. Of course, greed can affect traders of any skill level.
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