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Febonacci Forex Robot V 2.5.2 (By leo23)

Användaren har tagit bort detta system.


Aug 17 2017 at 09:59
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MutenRoshi posted:
leo23 posted:
We just had a quick look on that broker's website and we couldn't find anything significant in that broker compared to other popular brokers.

Regarding history of trades, it has nothing to do with broker. It is myfxbook settings and we have kept everything private.

Why kept everything private? Don't you want to sell a robot? Just only dumb people will invest in something that ack of information.

Note that buying the EA is an option for traders to use our system, but selling is not the only option for us to make money. We are traders and make money by trading and not by selling our EA.

So you are somewhat correct in saying that 'We don't want to sell our robot'.

Someone has to decide on investing in our system based on the information available to public. If someone is too smart enough, then he should not waste time in searching for a EA or system, he should be able to trade by himself to make money.

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Aimak (Aimak)
Aug 18 2017 at 10:34
149 poster
Not all my post are related to Darwinex. Anyway, I am not affiliated with Darwinex, just a happy customer that wants to see good traders offering new Darwins for all to profit. If you are interested to open an account with Darwinex you are on your own.

exquisite entries with calculated exits
Aug 20 2017 at 06:26
567 poster
Aimak posted:
Not all my post are related to Darwinex. Anyway, I am not affiliated with Darwinex, just a happy customer that wants to see good traders offering new Darwins for all to profit. If you are interested to open an account with Darwinex you are on your own.

We may look into this broker in details in future.

For now there are plenty of other options for reliable brokers like Pepperstone, IC Markets, Axitrader, FxChoice, Oanda etc.

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Aug 22 2017 at 14:34
567 poster
Few settings Update:
1.TimeFrame to run the EA has been changed from H1 to M15.
2.StopLoss is set as 10 Pips.
3.Takeprofit is set as 30 Pips.
4.Trailing stop is ignored by setting it to very high value so that all orders will be closed only by stoploss, takeprofit or trend change.

The EA users can manually set the settings in the EA or they can contact our support to get the latest .set file.

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Aug 24 2017 at 04:44
70 poster
Aug 24 2017 at 06:23
567 poster
Trading using the Febonacci levels works great in an average trending market where the price bounces back most of the times on key febonacci levels before continuing with the trend. That is exactly our Ea is based upon.

So many times it looks very nice to watch the price move on chart when the price moves exactly from the key febonacci levels without much retracements or drawdowns.

The EA can easily handle the major news events since it uses both static as well as dynamic stoploss.

Also, using Febonacci EA can be a great tool to trade as a scalper in small timeframe in small price ranges. But the spread of the currency pairs should be very low to make profit, otherwise, spread eats all profits.

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Aug 24 2017 at 13:53
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expert2 posted:
IT free EA or for Sell ?

for sell

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scambuster (scambuster)
Aug 24 2017 at 13:59
78 poster
only dishonest sellers don't want to verify their accounts. YOu can blah blah blah about how good your product is but nobody trust you if you are so shady

Be calm in every situation
Aug 25 2017 at 10:58
567 poster
You have no business here in our thread. Looking into your profile name and profile having no system in profile and you created this myfxbook profile to comment and criticise other systems and most probably you are having another myfxbook profile to sell your own products.

So you should better try some other tactics to sell your products not by commenting on other threads. We don't need your trust and we don't want you to buy our EA. .

This account will not be verified as mentioned in previous posts.

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Aug 27 2017 at 10:34
567 poster
scambuster posted:
you are here to promote your business and it is all of our business here to point out what suspicious about your product.

You are not pointing out anything here when we already replied to the previous posts,rather you are just trying to bring attention towards your profile so that people will contact you and you can offer your products.

And what kind business you have when you said 'it is our business' and who are you? Do you think yourself as the website owner by creating a profile named 'scambuster'?? Such tactics don't work for attracting clients, so better go somewhere else.

Finally, it is not a place to promote business and we think you better know that already. That's why you are unable to promote by posting comments directly in your own systems in your alternate profiles and hence, you are trying to promote in indirect way by posting comments here in our thread

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