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Grinta-Invest Andrzej's Account (By Luck13 )

Vinst +141.51%
Förlustsekvens 0.00%
Pips: 1091.3
Positioner 508
Typ Riktig
Hävstång: 1:200
Handel Automatiskt


May 05 2020 at 14:00
2 poster
yaspesh posted:
@jwoon Member Since 8 Minutes ago
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Read the reviews of real people on my links

same review




No Regulators broker.



               you will find hundreds more reviews about this company on the Internet
                                                                STAY AWAY !!!!!

good info

be careful

marek82 (marek82)
May 13 2020 at 07:11
2 poster
Good job @Luck13!

Keep it coming.

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.
danbrask (danbrask)
May 13 2020 at 08:08
2 poster

I'm new to Forex and checking out different automated systems to trade without experience. This one looks suitable for me.

Could you tell me more about the conditions, e.g. about the broker, how to open account, minimum deposit, commissions, withdrawal conditions and so on...

Thank you,


danbrask (danbrask)
May 13 2020 at 08:10
2 poster
And one more question: what is average monthly ROI (Netto)?


May 13 2020 at 09:45
15 poster
Hello Danny,

thanks for reaching out.

You need to open a trading account with, verify your account with the necessary documents and then make a deposit via Bank Transfer or Credit Card. After funds reach the account, your mt4 account will be connected to the arbitrage system.

As i know, minimum deposit is 2,5k USD / EUR in order to start with arbitrage, but it has to be completed to 10k till the end of the 12th month after you started.

As per my experience, average ROI is around 4.5% a month, from which 30% of performance fee will be charged by Grinta, so you'll be profiting around 3.2% a Month.

Withdrawals are very smooth. So far I got already 3 payments via SEPA in 1-2 days after request.

Feel free to pm me for more info

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