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HAMSTER TURBO (Genom EleniAnna Branou )

Användaren har raderat systemet..


EleniAnna Branou (eleanna74)
Feb 28 2019 at 22:51
589 inlägg
You can't make trustworthy assumptions trading on a demo account.

Mar 01 2019 at 13:23
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Hi Eleni, everyone,
i joined your journey today :) Also very new to this market, so i have two basic questions:

First one:
During the installation unfortunately I ticked the 'Enable realtime signal subscription' again and realized it was wrong due to your description. I unchecked it again and synchronized everything as mentioned in your To-Do.
Is there any way to check if there is double signal trading in my account?
Everything else looks fine
- 'synchronization finished successfully'
- '0 charts, 0 EAs, 0 custom indicators, signal enabled'

Second question:
All my currencys are with a + at the end; i.e. EURUSD+
Is this correct or do i miss something? The EURUSD w/o the + is not tradeable.

Sorry for my newbie questions!

Hope to be successfull with you!

Mar 01 2019 at 13:33
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I use signal start to follow this signal. And I don't need to keep my account turned on at all times for copying trades. I don't understand why you need a VPS in this setup?

gammag posted:
gammag posted:
Hi all,

I also observed a huge slippage today. My second position closed at 1.13878 while Eleni's closed 1.13923.
Luckily I didn't experience any physical loss, I'm still in the observing phase, I am using demo account at Live15 with 10k$ virtual money for a bit more than a week now.

Since just yesterday I activated MQL5 VPS at my demo account I have a general question:

Eleni, anybody,
what is actually more important? have VPS the same as you (MQL5 virtual VPS), or that I have VPS closer to my broker (IC Markets) (e.g. ICMarkets offer VPS with <0.5ms latency, while MQL5 has about 9ms latency to ICMarkets).

My understanding of trade copying is as follows:

<source/initiating action> <receiver>
VPS of signal provider <----------------> VPS of subscriber
              | |
              | |
Signal provider's broker Broker of subscriber

I hope my 'drawing' is understandable :-)
I mean that the source is actually the VPS of signal provider (with running EA or manual trading initiated there). From there it is transferred to the broker of signal's provider and at the same time (or just afterwards), the signal is transferred FROM THE signal provider's VPS to VPSs of subscribers from where the signal is transferred then to the respective brokers. There is NO DIRECT CONNECTION between signal provider's broker and subscriber's broker.

is my understanding correct?

if yes it would mean that most important is the low latency between both VPSs. Having the same broker as signal provider is only of second importance as long as connection between the VPS of subscriber to his broker has ultra low latency.

if I'm wrong please explain me how it works in practice and where which action is initiated so that I can make an as good as possible setup to minimize slippage (of course it's clear to me that I cannot avoid it completely, but I want to make it as good as it gets).

thanks in advance for helping me understanding that.

I would appreciate if anybody could help me too clarify/understand these aspects.


Mar 01 2019 at 13:34
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By refering to one of the losing trades recently.

02.15.2019 02:10 02.15.2019 15:30 EURUSD Buy 0.72 -150.30 149.90 1.12940 1.12352 -58.8 -380.78 13h 20m -42.37%

The SL does not serve its purpose as protecting the account.
-58.8 pips losing -380.78. losing 42.37%. SL set as -150.30 pips. would be equivalent to losing -973.32, which is losing -108.30%, account burnt.

I am approaching it mathematically. correct me if i am wrong.

My question is what is the true purpose of SL in this system? thank you.

I try not to burn my account
Mar 01 2019 at 13:37
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Sorry, if my question was not formulated clearly. My question was not about demo account, it was about the mechanism of signal copying as such and which part of the connection is more important.
I will go on live account next days and therefore I would like to understand.

EleniAnna Branou (eleanna74)
Mar 01 2019 at 15:20
589 inlägg
Hello forexnik,

if you use a MQL5 VPS, you do not need to tick the: Enable realtime signal subscription, after the synchronization. Check my synchronization guide for details: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PR-9pmuF7K3JAKnPds31yiH8Y2r7IW26/view

EleniAnna Branou (eleanna74)
Mar 01 2019 at 15:22
589 inlägg
Hello addie, you do not need a VPS when copying through SignalStart.

EleniAnna Branou (eleanna74)
Mar 01 2019 at 15:23
589 inlägg
Hello PipsNewbie, the hard 150 pip SL is there for the broker and other market participants to see. We are using a -85% margin stop out level as out real SL level.

EleniAnna Branou (eleanna74)
Mar 01 2019 at 15:24
589 inlägg
Hello gammag, I undrstand your concenrs, but you can't compare live and demo account copying results in order to make conclusions.

lux lux 1 (luxotik)
Mar 03 2019 at 09:11
8 inlägg
Hi Eleni
Why signal start often leaves your account in 'Rank pending'?
I tried to ask them but they don't give me a response to. Do you know something?

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