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HAMSTER TURBO (Genom EleniAnna Branou )

Användaren har raderat systemet..


Mar 05 2019 at 12:45
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Hi Eleni.

RSI is a good Indicator but some times it seems to work in Reverse...

Mar 05 2019 at 12:45
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eleanna74 posted:
You can close the trades manually, if you have disabled or suspend the signal subscription first.

What happens if you don’t do this? Will the position open again? I had this happen with an EA before. I’d close a ‘buy’ and it would just open a new buy instantly. It was quite funny actually.

EleniAnna Branou (eleanna74)
Mar 05 2019 at 13:27
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Yes, the positions will be re-opened upon synchronization.

lux lux 1 (luxotik)
Mar 05 2019 at 15:16
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Mkvilly posted:
Hi Eleni.

RSI is a good Indicator but some times it seems to work in Reverse...
rsi è per un

RSI is a good indicator for a sideways movement.

Mar 05 2019 at 15:24
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Hello drayzen,


thank you a lot for the thorough answer. that was what I was looking/asking for. it seems you are an engineer, too ;-)
This helped me a lot! have some more comments/thoughts on that and also did some more research. see below.

drayzen posted:
I you enter 'ICMarkets-Live01' in the search here https://www.mql5.com/en/vps you can see a map showing the MetaQuotes server you'll connect to.
The map confirms IC Markets server to be located within Equinix NY4 at 755 Secaucus Rd, Secaucus, NJ.
Doing some detective work using Google Maps we can find that the MetaQuotes servers are located in a building at 10 Enterprise Ave N, Secaucus, NJ, 1.3km away.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any direct reference to a hosting provider at that address so I remain dubious as to it's legitimacy...
Also given the latency I see on my own server and it being slightly closer to Equinix NY4 than MetaQuotes server I have to seriously question their claim of 2.35ms as you typically need to be co-located to see latencies that low and by their own admission they are not.

Here I think that actually the claim of very small latency between MetaQuotes server and Equinix NY4 can be actually true. The explanation can be e.g. an optic fiber connection between MetaQuotes server and Equinix NY4. it's only 1.3km distance, as you said. I used the Google Maps link that you cited and switched to StreetView (see attached screenshot) :-) or the link
. what you can see is a lot of cables along the road between those two server farms. So it could be an explanation for the very low latency. and probably usdedicated servers are also connected in this way with Equinix NY4.

drayzen posted:
Another thing to possibly consider is the use of an ICM ECN account where all orders are forwarded to the Interbank market and thus incur a full networking round trip through ICM's liquidity providers and back for placement.
If you were to use one of ICM's 'Standard' accounts this could play out differently *if* (not guaranteed in any way) ICM internalize your order via their own market making, which would mean the trade never has to leave their servers and would be executed as fast as their systems can process it.
Though you've got potentially higher spread you'll have to cover, plus the potential threat of them stop-hunting your orders.

I have an ICM ECN account. The alternative way of thinking using Standard accounts for professional tradings to minimize latency is interesting. However, it would be too risky for me, since the liquidity at ICM servers in that area could be too small.

drayzen posted:
I haven't tried a MetaQuotes VPS as I since got my own dedicated server in NYC with US Dedicated https://billing.usdedicated.com/aff.php?aff=98 where I get ~10-15ms latency to IC Markets.
Their servers are located at 2 Emerson Ln, Secaucus, NJ, 1.2km away from Equinix NY4.
I tried a VPS a few years back and found that it struggled to work with just a few EA's running which is what I needed at the time, so got a dedicated server and haven't looked back.
Though if all you want to do is subscribe to signals then any VPS should be well fast enough.
The trick with US Dedicated is that it's much cheaper than those 'Forex specific' VPS/Dedicated server providers because it is an unmanaged service, so if something goes wrong you can't fix yourself you might have to trigger a remote reinstall of the OS, though it's pretty simple to install a few MT4/5 terminals via remote login...
Given it's about 1/4 the price of those managed services I'll take the small risk of that inconvenience.

thanks for this hint! usdedicated is indeed cheaper than dedicated VPS servers. I had chat with usdedicated and was able to measure a ping between one of their servers and Equinix NY4 and it was in the range of below 2ms (similar to what you reported).
Just for the record, it seems the price difference between them and dedicated fx VPs companies is not anymore factor of 4, it is more like factor of 2 (I compared with dedicated servers offered by BeeksFX and NYCServers, the companies ICM is working with). only Forex VPS dedicated servers are much more expensive. I need to analyze further, as IC Markets refunds you costs of such VPS server from 15 lots per months (basic server up to 35$). I chatted also with ICM and if you do more trades you can negotiate upgrade and they will refund you better server (next level is 30 lots/month). I need to see. as for now, I plan to go with a basic plan with one of those two companies as above and see how it goes (and hope ICM will refund the costs).
MQL5 virtual VPS seems for me too less flexible, similarly like you I want to have some additional EAs running next to the signals. One of the EAs would be to control drawdown of signal providers, just to be on the safe side - I might have a different level of what is an acceptable DD for me than the signal provider.
Especially after last drawdowns observed for the signal here, I'm sure I want to have control over it (even if this might result in potentially worse performance than signal provider's as in some situations I will close trades earlier with loss rather than wait and maybe earn some profit).
if you using such EA to control drawdown and can recommend one, it would be great. otherwise I found some candidates already, but need to test their reliability. Also, if you have a hint how exactly a combination of such EA and receiving signal needs to be setup (e.g. to prohibit that a new order will be automatically opened if my EA closed some orders), it would be of great help to me.

drayzen posted:
I found a few references to network communication in this article https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/618 which indicates it's the two broker's MT servers in direct connection, but with these guys you can never be certain what athey say is correct/true...

thank you for the explanation and the link. it is important for me to have a good overall understanding in order to take the right steps.


EleniAnna Branou (eleanna74)
Mar 05 2019 at 17:00
589 inlägg
Dear HAMSTER TURBO subscibers, I am really very sorry and devastated from the outcome of these last few days. I did nothing different lately from what I was doing these past months, producing the results that you could all see. Last October for example we had a 196% growth in HAMSTER TURBO with EURUSD in a clear downtrend, having 27 buys and 3 sells, so the argument that this system must open buys on uptrend and sells in downtrend wasn't the case for this past period. The Hamster strategy opens more buys than sells, because its taking advantage of the London opening effect in EURUSD that usually drive the pair higher. Also I want to point out that the 2 margin stop outs we had in HAMSTER TURBO happened by only 2-3 points and then the price instantly retraced higher, indicating that our SL (margin stop out) level was a target that had to be hit. I really believe now that my HAMSTER signals and the Hamster EA and strategy in general is under attack, because it was a smooth and easy way for the small retail trader to make some profit. I will continue with this strategy as long as I can because I think that this bad period will pass and better times will be ahead. I apologize again to all of you for this situation, but I really feel that all this was something out of my control.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Eleni Anna Branou

Mar 06 2019 at 09:03
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I know, there are a lot of 'hater' comments about the recent huge losses and it's not easy for you.

I read all of them at MQL5 site and while there are many opinions, there is one comment which I found non-emotional and fact-bound:

Would you mind to comment on that particular post? I personally would be especially interested in knowing if trading against the trend is part of HamsterTurbo strategy or not and if you never trade against the trend in any of your other signals.

also in the cited review there is a comment on changing market and a potential need to adapt to that.
do you also see the market changing and adjusting to those changes or you don't agree with that?

thanks in advance,

Luka (lpopov)
Mar 06 2019 at 09:04
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Unfortunately, I've seen this many times before. Once the signal becomes big, like 3 or 4M in funds, it blows up. I think you are right about it being under attack, there is just too many people using the same strategy and someone with big wallet is betting against it. No amount of backtesting can predict this.

This is not your fault, but you should find some way out of this. I am sure you'll do fine in a long run, you are a good trader.

Mar 06 2019 at 09:04
10 inlägg
Hey Eleni!

Would u give us free month signal because of this drawdown? only those who suffered this...

Mar 06 2019 at 09:04
34 inlägg
I think it would be interesting for signalstart to disclose how many other paid subscribers are attached to a certain signal.

It would give a lot of insight into someones confidence in their own product simply comparing their monthly income from the signal and their account balance in which they use the signal.

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