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QuantumF2 (Genom FVPTrade )

Förstärkning : +3610.42%
Uttag 5.32%
Pips: -449810.4
Trades 4626
Typ: Verkligt
Hävstångseffekt: -
Handel: Okänd

QuantumF2 Diskussion

Aug 02 2022 at 12:12
8 inlägg
Hey AhmadR (Raeleigh)! You said not to buy QuantumF advisor. How can you know what is being sent in teIegram ?
Aug 03 2022 at 10:26
7 inlägg
Hello everybody! Owner & developer not use T e l e g r a m . Only mail
Aug 03 2022 at 16:21
13 inlägg
An excellent strategy with an average open order time of 3 hours.

Take and stop-loss are the same and equal to 150-200 pips.

The algorithm will work for any broker, which is what many users do.

There are about 214 real users on Myfxbook alone.

Amazing system. Safe algorithm.

thank you
AhmadR (Raeleigh)
Aug 04 2022 at 06:19
69 inlägg
No posts, no email or telegram, no reply from the author accounts F1, F2, F3. No EA author sells.
AhmadR (Raeleigh)
Aug 04 2022 at 07:44
69 inlägg
Yahoo email or other email on FVPTrade's profile page is not. Beware of new member accounts that try to lure you to their profile page.
Oct 07 2022 at 20:18
5 inlägg
Is it not working ?

The profile QuantumF_support on telegram it's not working...
Oct 10 2022 at 03:14
58 inlägg
Raeleigh posted:
Quantum F1 F2 F3 advisor is renamed Waka Waka EA. It is selling = Waka Waka EA with DLL (msimg32.dll). sales happen via telegram and you have to pay via Crypto because there is no refund option.
This is true! and after the sales, he will never talk to you on Telegram
Mar 06 at 13:33
1 inlägg
RayDonnavan posted:
Your floating drawdown looks very safe. Good job!

hello, may I ask how do you see the floating drawdown on myfxbook? it does not appear on the ea page
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