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Darwinex poäng från recension

Total poäng: 3.8 / 5

Totalt antal röster: 178
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Veselin Dimitrov (FxVRD)
Oct 07 2016 at 08:00
9 poster
One of the best .. this is all I can tell for Darwinex like a broker

Einstein's Monkey (TradeSignalMach)
Jan 19 2017 at 13:40
6 poster
Hi owenn. I'm sorry to hear your story. However, after taking a look at XON who you say you were invested in, a few things come to mind.

1. Firstly, I don't see how you could have lost 80% of your account. XON was in profit from the beginning of Dec however, the DARWIN then went on to lose 2.65% in Dec and then is a further 15.9% down for January so far. This does not equate to 80%?

2. Secondly, did you know that you were invested in a Martingale? This is clearly never wise. This can clearly be seen by looking at the Trading Journal where you can see that as the positions of the trader start to lose, his position size increases. If you want to invest in Martingales I suggest you go to a casino and double up on red and black. The eventual outcome will be identical.

3. The Darwinex Risk Management algorithms did actually work (despite what you say). The traders own trading account suffered a drawdown of 77.6% - but this is NOT what you were invested in! You were invested in the underlying DARWIN with risk management adjusted to 20% and this only sufferered a drawdown of approx 19% (i.e. less than 20% therefore not violating the 20%VaR).

All things told, I do feel sorry for you but if you do not understand what you are investing in and the fact that it was actually a Martingale then you shouldn't be investing. Even if you didn't know how to identify if it was a Martingale you could have looked at the Risk Management score that Darwinex have given it (very poor) and this should have sent alarm bells ringing for you - but clearly didn't. I suggest you'd be better of buying a new car with your money or something you'll get some joy from, instead of blindly investing.

At the end of the day, Darwinex is an open platform. Anyone can trade their systems on it, and as a result, traders who think it's a good idea to trade Martingales are included. If you look at the scores of the investable attributes that Darwinex give to systems that will give you an indication of what is a good investment and what is not: not blindly looking at the massive % returns that Martingales produce (until they go wrong).

Darwinex is the best broker I have ever had. I cannot fault them. The views of others on forums back me up on that. They cannot however account for people who are trying to make a quick buck but don't really understand what they are doing.

I suggest some serious consideration is needed on your part about how to invest your money.

Darwinex (Darwinex)
Jan 19 2017 at 15:02
5 poster
owenn posted:
Willy_test_fx posted:
citadelEA=citadelforex=vitalmarkets=Cesar Barriga
you know you have a service from start to import historical other brokers, I do not understand is how blinded and allowed to import anything validating as real.
as you know by injecting orders in the mt4 server, generate numbers of consecutive orders. Open the full history and so we will see. IMPORTED and consequently FAKE.

I lost 80% of my money in this fund-account.

Where there are the 20% stop loss capital protecction??????

I think that Darwin Exchange scam me... and they can´t do nothing for me. Yesterday i withdrawal my money and today fund gain +300%. I´m thinking that it´s possible that they are paying other accounts with my money.

There are lot´s of scammers going to Darwinex with fake statments, very big warning!!

We'd appreciate if you could please refrain from posting false accusations.

The track record you mention ( is not investable on our platform, but its DARWIN XON (, as explained by @TradeSignalMach

Jan 19 2017 at 15:10
3 poster
Comment from Trade Signal Machine has more explanation and caring value even from rhetoric point of view than the later Darwinex response.

Jan 20 2017 at 08:21
5 poster
I lost 80% of my money in this fund-account.

Where there are the 20% stop loss capital protecction??????

I think that Darwin Exchange scam me... and they can´t do nothing for me. Yesterday i withdrawal my money and today fund gain +300%. I´m thinking that it´s possible that they are paying other accounts with my money.

There are lot´s of scammers going to Darwinex with fake statments, very big warning!!

I was going to answer to you when I saw @TradeSignalMach response to your message, clearly in a profesional way and leaving your comment useless.

I bet the only scamer here is you (@owenn), and you only want to harm the best broker I have ever worked with.

If you really have lost 80% of your money investing in XON, I urge you to post a screenshot of your investment here. It is really easy to do from your Darwinex dashboard, but I bet you don't do it since it is completely false.

No way to lose 80% of your investment when buying XON at this moment (who knows in the future)

You saw the strategy (which is not investable) and you decided to harm a good broker. The problem is that you don't know enough about them and has been really easy to see your lie.

Corto Maltese (corto_maltese)
Jan 22 2017 at 07:41
3 poster
@owenn I am sorry to say, but you have made a fool of yourself with such claims.

@TradeSignalMach has already gone into the details of your 'trade' (based on your numbers, I do not think such trade ever happened). Remember that at Darwinex you'll invest in a DARWIN, not the underlying strategy. If you were so unlucky to buy this DARWIN on 20 Dec and sell it on 17 Jan, you may have lost a third of your investment. All I would like to ask is:

1. Did you discuss 'your problem' with Darwinex via Customer Support. They are an extremely helpful and friendly bunch.

2. Say you had doubled your money instead. In that case, would have you visited this forum to post how wonderful Darwinex is? My point here is that criticising your broker when you lose is just being bad sport and deeply unprofessional.

3. When you say there are lots of scammers, please prove it. Darwinex has lots of procedures in place to make sure that is not the case. If you find one, they will be very keen to learn about it and take action.

Good luck with your trading/investments, but please TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS and do not blame others.

Disclaimer: I am a former employee at Darwinex, even if only for a few months.

mrInv (HAT_Trading)
Jul 23 2017 at 10:12
26 poster
I think best broker for perspective in future - to investment and to traders. A very thoughtful way of working for investment. Regulated by FCA UK. I am very satisfied.


Dec 11 2017 at 08:11
12 poster
Darwinex, Amazing broker, fast execution speed..

Also gives out 4milion euro to the top 48 traders on the website..

Has all kind of tools to help you analyze your trading, to become even better..

I cant say enough good things about Darwinex..

Probably the top 3 broker that has ever been, for retail and investors.

Jan 21 2018 at 01:37
53 poster
The pure agency model certified by the FCA license is a legal guarantee that Darwinex is never the counterpart of our trades.

The completely trader-oriented philosophy, that we are not a Darwinex customer, we are a member of the trader community.

I have been at Darwinex since the end of 2015, and the the already excellent trading conditions, especially the spreads and execution quality, are still improving. And remember, orders are executed in the real market, not placed in the b-book like the vast majority of other brokers.

Of course, the brokerage is only one aspect of Darwinex. The most important is the unique investment platform, which allows traders and investors to meet in a regulated environment and with technology without competition in the market.

On Control EA (Under_Control_EA)
Apr 07 2020 at 17:10
3 poster
Dear Client,

I would like to share my experience with, unfortunately They have no idea about how can they handle any case, Darwinex they Blocked my Deposit without any warning, and this thing can confirm that they do not know about how can they handle any problem, they reason why ( I will create a website and I will explain everything about the issue, as the Traders must trade with a broker that must respect the clients and them rights, and must respect the policy of the FCA )

Soon I will make a website and put the all of information about they make me loss my history since 2014 and my real account.

I would like to warning every client to thinking very well before he deal to start with .

I Will make another review have the website with the all details, about how they handle my case and make me loss my account.

Again please try to put your funds on the right place.


Kind Regards
On Control EA

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