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Diskussion om FXCM

Oct 18 2013 at 17:58
10 poster
read my response to halalfx to find out why i never experience any fu%@ing slippage with my 2 brokers.

BUT you don't have to believe me. just do what i did: fu$#ing try them out and find out for yourself. do your due diligence and start trading with institutional execution performance.

HeikinAshi posted:
I you like 50/80 pips slippage on EURUSD with the excuse that 'there was not enough liquidity' (seriously, they told me not enough liquidity on EURUSD...), this broker is for you. Happened to me a good number of times, not just once or twice.

The TradingStation is quite good, but very unstable. Often you'll get a bugged out candle with a 900 pip wick, so if you use kumo it messes it up.

Contrary to what was said earlier, I have bad experience with their customer service. Always making excuses regarding slippage, and even about stop loss that was hit while price action was 10 pips away from the stop (happened twice, and I checked price action on other brokers too to be sure).

Their real strength is DailyFX, but really you'd better run away from them.

Dec 13 2013 at 15:33
1 poster
I opened an active trader account by this broker. I agreed for an account with commissions (and lower spreads). Costs were to be 60 USD for 1 Million USD traded. But my account is in EUR. They then decided that costs would be 60 EUR for 1 Million EUR traded. I agreed. I then noticed that costs were actually 60 EUR for 1 Million USD traded (I only trade GBP/USD). I complained. They then explained to me that costs would be 60 EUR per Million, it would not matter if it would be 1 Million EUR, 1 Million YEN, 1 Million EUR, AUD... and so on. I refused. They then offered that costs become 50 EUR per Million of XXX. I accepted. But they went on withdrawing 60 EUR per Million !!! I complained and claimed for reimoursement. They refused and explained that changing my tarification would require time, without precision. I fill totally laught and scammed, so I closed the account.

Jan 14 2014 at 22:02
136 poster
I have been trading actively with FXCM for the past 4 months although I have been on & of with this broker since 1999. Spreads are awesome on the AUD/NZD, AUD/USD & NZD/USD. Swaps are very fair. Slippage is minimal now that I use Beeksfx which has its VPS location at Equinix NY data center where FXCM hosts its MT4 servers.

The customer support is unprecedented as they will attend to any problem regardless how small it is & they will see that it is resolved

I am about to increase my level of investment with this broker as I know my funds are safe with the largest FX Broker on the planet.

I only hope that they will drop the spread on the Eur/USD.

Overall I rate this broker as 8 out of 10

David Masaryk (D3M0115H3R)
May 16 2014 at 02:18
2 poster
Is anyone trading the indices with FXCM? especially German DAX ? Need some feedback from live trading...
I'm trading only on the demo acc, and sometimes is there huge difference between live and demo trading.

So, if is somebody trading DAX30, pls let me know, or write here some info :) THANKS.

Mario (medisoft)
Oct 03 2014 at 00:03
21 poster
The broker has good customer service (fast response), fairly good deposit methods, but is horrible for withdrawals. If you don't live on US or have big bucks (10,000 or more), it is very expensive to withdraw.

The only two methods are credit card (limited amount), and wire transfer (expensive!)

Also, I had a problem with them. I placed two orders on different pairs, at some point the trades were closed... not with stop, not with take profits... they couldn't tell me why they were closed (they were closed on profit), and when I talked to them about the problem, the decided unilaterally to 'reopen the trades' just at the same price they were closed. I didn't asked that, I only asked why they were closed.

Finally I closed the trades again with a little less profit, and I tryied to withdraw my funds (only 116 usd)... with the surprise that I can only withdraw 50 usd using my CC (the same I used to fund my account), the rest I must use wire transfer (with 35USD fee or more)

Nov 04 2014 at 19:48
3 poster
This broker has helped me to earn money with my strategy.

Michael N Chin (reddragontrader)
Nov 18 2014 at 08:17
1 poster
ggjr61 posted:
Execllent customer service. Too many requotes - but that is mostly likely due to ECN model. Taking MT4 platform offline on Sundays is a little bit of a headache. But I think this is the best broker in the market.

I see a lot of mixed reviews here for FXCM. I don't know about how they were like before today. However, I feel they are the best by far that I have used and the lowest spreads I've ever seen. They recently started a new fee schedule but it's negligible overall and still way cheap either way you slice it against other brokers. Also, the simplest and most straightforward forex-only platform in my opinion. Customer Service is Excellent!

Keep Calm & Trade On
Dec 12 2014 at 22:06
4 poster
I have account at FXCM but I do not recommend, better find another broker.

Jason Rogers (jasonrogers)
Dec 18 2014 at 22:43
272 poster
Fox123 posted:
I have account at FXCM but I do not recommend, better find another broker.

@Fox123 is there any particular reason you say that?

Dec 19 2014 at 10:52
136 poster
jasonrogers posted:
Fox123 posted:
I have account at FXCM but I do not recommend, better find another broker.

@Fox123 is there any particular reason you say that?

Cause with your active trader account you shafted me in the deal when you introduced your new pricing at $12 per 100k on all your accounts. You guys are charging twice the amount of any other STP broker like LMAX Exchange or IC Markiets

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