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Set you target and goal

Feb 16 at 07:10
keatonrichard posted:
dennisstanley posted:
keatonrichard posted:
AliaDare posted:
When you want to build your future by trading Forex, you first need to know how to set your goals and objectives. If you can set these two correctly, it is possible to make a lot of money in trading.

For every trader goals should be very much clear and can be accomplished when they have made up their mind for trading.

Yes and one should try to fulfill their goals in the decided time or else there will be no point of making them

Trading is nothing without goals and strategies. You have to be very much updated with all your strategies for all the upcoming price fluctuations. Invest enough of your time in building these so that you can get good profits. I trade through Turnkeyforex and IG, analyze the trading market through them and then work on my strategies. And I make a reasonably good amount of money from this.

I have also never done trading without setting a goal. I will never feel confident enough if I ever did this way.

Feb 16 at 07:49
It seems to me that there is no point in starting trading at all, if you are not facing a certain goal, you just waste time, lose money.