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Super Scalper (By Aquarius )



Damon (Damon)
Dec 06 2010 at 15:35
Hey Steve,

I agree, but I was not allowed to put an IB link in my info, people will just have to ask me.

Why is seeing the broker so important? I am not being an ass. Really, I want to know.

As for my managed accounts I do give out the password (I did tonight even), and I change it a couple days after I give it out... what I was trying to accomplish with the myfxbook and MtiLive websites is an audit that would prove I am on the up and up, but as has been so painfully learned. These sites don't prove anything.

Anyone (so far) that knows what an investor password is (traders and roboteers) doesn't really want to invest anyway. It's a favor I am doing so they can try to figure what I am doing. I don't mind. But it is a favor.

People who have actually invested were interested in who the broker was, then they verified my account on the brokers website (it has more data than this site), and signed up if they liked it.

I gotta admit the entertainment value of this site makes it all worth it :) I nearly gave an account to Dominik!

1 pip pip banked is worth more than the rest out in the market.
Damon (Damon)
Dec 06 2010 at 15:39
By the way, I need 3 Vouches before I can Vouch for Steve and Solar... HINT! HINT!

Steve, I did some detective work... well, I... anyway, were friends.

(The caption under the cat says 'The voices are telling me to kill you')


1 pip pip banked is worth more than the rest out in the market.
Dec 06 2010 at 16:55
Guys here is another victim of scam robot of Dariusz Makowiecki (Wynes , Dominic Millar ). A guy just sent me PM regarding the details how Dominik washed his account just in one day.

Brother am really sorry about your loss , you should not invest with this guy(Dominic) without doing some research , All the guys here at forum were saying that its a scam then you should not give him password , however now nothing can happen as loss is already done , BUT ALL THE REST OF GUYS PLEASE DONT TRUST AT THESE FAKE CRAZY RESULTS OF THIS SYSTEM AND DONT LOSS YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY WITH THIS PERSON(DOMINICK , WYNES).

You all can view what Dariusz Makowiecki (Wynes , Dominic Millar ) did to the account of one of my friend.
Login: 26216
Pw: burda245

And after the loss he even stop responding to the guy. Dariusz Makowiecki washed his account 2200 Euro just get few dollars of commission as an IB of EXNESS.

Dec 06 2010 at 17:19
look people! does canada or the usa have a trading standards to complaint it too? someone said file a complaint with the better business bureau. why am i saying this? everyone on this forum knows dominic millar and the other freaks are call scam artis then why dont anyone do somthing about it and close the site down... simple!

stevetrade (stevetrade)
Dec 06 2010 at 19:06
Damon, the main reason to show the broker is then it allows people to see if an account is using a reputable broker. In this case here. This account is definitely 100% not an Exness account, so why is he asking people to open Exness accounts?

If his account was visible this would be a very obvious red flag.

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Dec 06 2010 at 21:04
i learn from you all a lot inthis website ,

Dec 06 2010 at 21:26
HATS off to forum members

Dec 06 2010 at 23:35
Damon posted:
    OK now I'm a detective:

I am working on multiple EAs and am running them through my demo account, and I notice that this the account where I check peoples investor passwords, and I notice that Dominik Millan is one of the accounts I can log into, but guess who is below that?!?!?!? DARIUSZ MAKOWIECKI !!!!

I have no idea where I got the account info. So I log in and it is a live server from 121Securites-live

It has zillions of trades in the history, almost all GBP/USD, a few EUR/USD

It shows a deposit of $70,000 2009.03.27

it shows last trade on 2009.04.14

It shows profit/Loss of $856,816.00 (Which got me excited)

Then it shows Deposit $1,196,816.00 and Withdrawal $2,053,632.00 But in the records It shows the initial deposit and another deposit a little later for $100,000.00

HOW CAN THIS BE!?! Hacking I guess?

I am sure I got this account # and investor pass when I was checking Dominiks accounts.

I wish I still had the investor pass I would give it to you guys. The account # is 210324060. Maybe you can check your own records, or you may have it in your MT4 if you were checking Dominiks 'proof' accounts.

What a dink this guy is... he 'just developed it'... this history is a year and half old. And I am sure I got it from Dominik.


Thanks Guys for great work.

ANYONE who sends money or buys this system is an idiot.

Rule 1: Never give your Freaking password ( Master or Investor ) for your LIVE ACCOUNT to anyone or any website. By knowing your LIVE Investor Password it is possible to crack your LIVE Master Password using a hacking technic

Rule 2: Never give funds to someone who claims to be a Money manager using a certain specific Broker

Rule 3: Proof of the trading system credibility --
a) 3 Years of Forward Testing ( Not backtesting ) --- Minimum 1 Full year of Forward testing
b) The Money Managers Registeration & creditation & Physical office address
c) A legitimate Broker & confirmation from the Broker of LIVE account
d) remember anything on the this guys Website is completely Fake to attract you to buy or send your hard earned money to them.

IN TRADING there is no FREE Lunch . SO wake up guys and do the work before you can reap the fruits of your labor

Damon (Damon)
Dec 07 2010 at 00:39

That account was WAY over traded...he had 12 lots on at one point with a 2000 account. CRAZY!!!

1 pip pip banked is worth more than the rest out in the market.
Damon (Damon)
Dec 07 2010 at 01:11
WOW, hear that Steve? I can have my account cracked by giving out my investor pass, and that's the last time I did that. (Sorry digital)

1 pip pip banked is worth more than the rest out in the market.