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Looking for managers - large accounts
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Biedrs kopš Apr 01, 2011  27 ieraksti Diamond Apr 16 2011 at 21:10

This man Jim Willie is the BEST and most honest analyst we have so how can you expect to PLOT INTERVENTION...


The Deflationist themes ignore the Inflation story.
The G-7 Meeting to adopt the Yen Selloff Pact was a veiled GLOBAL QE ACCORD. The pact has not even been discussed by the shallow Deflationist camp even though it is the most signficant policy directive since September 2008, more important than the original QE decision in March 2009. That is because it is Global QE, stamped and approved by the major central banks, monetary hyper-inflation gone global. The Deflationists live in a cave, unaware of such events or dismissive of them in arrogance. They instead continue to defend the wrong-footed construct of Deflation. In personal email and telephone exchanges, my habit is to constantly laugh at their pre-occupation with Deflation. On more than 40-50 occasions with certain contacts, my reply is simply WHAT IS DEFLATION?? Shallow responses come in return, unimpressive one and all. We will continue to experience and suffer both deflation of assets and wages, during a massive storm of hyper-inflation from central banks. The inflationary effect is a perverse factor toward the real game on stage. Do not expect wages to keep up with the rising costs. This has been a major point of mine all along, so a massive squeeze will continue. The Deflationists do not understand the reaction to the squeeze, focusing arrogantly on the endpoint. Their work is of little practical value, certainly of zero investment value. The squeeze will render harm to both households and businesses, with lost discretionary spending and lost profit margins. Their debate over which prevails misses the entire point. That is, the Deflation will continue in certain asset classes, especially housing and commercial property, while the Inflation will continue in monetary aggregate, TO MAKE A GROWING POWERFUL DAMAGING GLOBAL HURRICANE. Much end product price inflation will come. More end service price inflation will come. See shipping charges for a start. It seems obvious that the Deflationists ignore the battle and try to describe the outcome in narrow myopic terms. In a sense, they are the flat earth society.


Biedrs kopš Jan 26, 2011  1367 ieraksti zzzero Apr 16 2011 at 21:27 (labots Apr 16 2011 at 21:28 )
speki posted:
    okies, gimme some time ... how was that again?

h, t, t, p, cologne ... slash and then perhaps perhaps perhaps ...

zzzero posted:
oh, just a hint...



Biedrs kopš Apr 01, 2011  27 ieraksti Diamond Apr 16 2011 at 21:36
Have a nice day and evening in Sunny LA, Eddie My Lad...

I am at the top of my game and loving it. No person can upset me or get under my skin. Money can do that.

Good Fortune and Good Trading !!!


Biedrs kopš Apr 17, 2010  23 ieraksti baraban Apr 17 2011 at 20:52
This is my real account to demonstrate my strategy which i use at managed accounts. History available from 2010.06
Please read account discussion for more info

Don't risk more then 2% with one trade!

Biedrs kopš Jan 26, 2011  28 ieraksti Jacques Booysen (HellboyFX) Apr 18 2011 at 13:52
hi guys

thanks for the posts - apologies for delay - travel takes a bit of time and so it seems this site....for some anyway...

thoughts for this site and the ea was to get a couple of ideas and if the informed investor community might like such a product....
I do see that you guys keep yourself very busy withall types of conspiracies..wish i had that kind of time on hand,.....

I'm no IT geek but it seems that I'm struggling a bit to get this verfied - if I cant I will gladly leave your site not to bother you again...I/we are no blue sky traders which will promise you the 100% a month thing - that in my mind is unsustainable and the guys who can do that...I don't see him advertising - rather do it on your own - that makes sense....

really don't know what is incorrect...will give it another go at least...

remember to watch some cnbc in the coming months...

All i reall want is some comments on this type of product..if you may please

Never look back

Biedrs kopš Jan 26, 2011  1367 ieraksti zzzero Apr 18 2011 at 15:10 (labots Apr 18 2011 at 15:11 )

your account is unverified.

i have offered to assist.

mind providing a proper web addres for edge capital market broker?

btw, tho it may seem impressive to some that you tell us about your payed for cnbc ad slots, i am not entirely impressed.

bernie madoff most likely had advertising on cnbc.

now, the link, sir.

thank you.



Biedrs kopš Jan 26, 2011  1367 ieraksti zzzero Apr 18 2011 at 15:21 (labots Apr 18 2011 at 15:25 )
can any person in this forum provide me with a link to this EDGE CAPITAL MARKET forex trading company?

thank you.

is that it?


Biedrs kopš Jan 26, 2011  28 ieraksti Jacques Booysen (HellboyFX) Apr 19 2011 at 11:41
ok - don't know what is wrong - even got the smiley face of myfxbook on the platform but still is unverified

anyway - the acc is true - that much i can tell you

all I'd like to know from these posts is genuinely what you guys think of it and what might be needed to better the product - returns too low maybe? but then higher volatility becomes an issue...
anyway - would just like to know - that is what the aim of this was

Never look back

Biedrs kopš Apr 07, 2011  28 ieraksti Total Recall (TotalRecall) Apr 19 2011 at 16:37
i don't care much about other people's returns. but if you can make money why bother with opm?? i dont get it. is it greed or do you just prefer to risk their money instead of yours? or do you get commisions from traded volume?

blah bla bs

Biedrs kopš Mar 13, 2011  2 ieraksti nova (ngaink) Apr 19 2011 at 16:41
if you may check my result :

there are several of my trading system that you may analize.
it's all just a simple way of trade, but yet gain a profit continuesly and stabilize each day.

maximize your brain
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