Since late 2021, about 130 million people joined the crypto scene. Investors might see a big bull market, possibly by 2024.

This upcoming bull run is like a wild tornado, not like what you've seen before.

Top crypto players spilled the beans in August about how they're gearing up for the bull market. Their advice is gold, especially for newbies.

A big mistake is holding onto crypto for too long. Excitement can lead to bad moves.

Smart move: clear investment goals, setting sell prices, and avoiding excessive exposure. Dollar-cost averaging can mitigate volatility.

Forget meme coins, stick with classics like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Stay cool. Don't go all-in with loans or risky stuff.
This isn't just about Bitcoin. New ideas fuel bull markets. Look for promising new cryptos.
Remember, take breaks and don't go all-in. Mental health matters. Stay sharp, enjoy the ride!